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I`ve been following the posts on lenses very carefully as I need to change my kit for shooting purposes.I work for a Web Design & Advertising agency mainly pics for websites,corporate rebranding/portraits, interiors & regeneration of major UK cities on location,cityscapes . I have a small studio with an Elinchrom D2 Lite setup.

My lenses.

Sigma 10-20,
Tamron 28-75 2.8 XR DI,
Tamron 18-200 XR DI,
Nikkor 50mm F1.8

Nikon D200.I use SB600 or AlienBees ABR800 off camera with a radio trigger when the light is tricky.

Price as always is a major factor,I have bills to pay like everyone else.I would love to buy all Nikon glass ,maybe later.I am thinking of swapping the 2 Tamrons for Sigma`s 17-70, and 50-150 as thats pretty much the range I shoot in.
The Tamron 28-75 is a great lens but I always find I need more at the wide end.The 18-200 Tamron has served me well ,but rarely comes out of the bag.
So to break it down I mainly shoot in small dingy poorly lit offices :G.I thought hard about the Nikon 18-200VR but I still dont know.I`ve seen some good reviews and sample images from the Sigma 50-150 which made me think about it.


Any suggestions for other combinations would be greatly appreciated, my budget is around £750 max

Sigma 17-70, 50-150
sigma 17-70, Nikon 18-200 vr ,both these combo`s in my price range

Thanks in advance


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I'm amazed that no one has posted a reply for you although loads have looked at your post. If you are mostly shooting landscape style of buildings and indoors there is only one lens at the price I'd recommend and that would be the Tokina 12/24mm. The lens is a damned good one at the price and the Nikon equivalent would be out of your price range. Remember that this lens is equivalent to 18/36 in film terms and it will give you the wide angle you need for the purpose in mind.
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Thanks for the reply cameranserai,I looked at the Tokina a while back ,but chose the Sigma 10-20 instead (it`s a great lens and I use it alot).
I still favour the sigma 17-70, it has great reviews and I think the range will suit me fine.I suppose I shouldn`t have posted "Lenses for the Job" , I know what I need, when I can afford it!!.
Maybe I should have posted "Whats the best 3rd party lens at the moment until I strike it rich" :G. I don`t have time to test every lens .I thought someone may have posted some sample pics though.Oh well never mind.
My budget has grown a little , if anyones interested I will be getting the Sigma 17-70 and Nikon 80-200 F 2.8 IF ED

I could have bought the nikon 17-55 F2.8 and the 80-200, but I splurged on a Macbook Pro instead (wish I`d got one a long time ago)

Many Thanks

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