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Default Macro Lens for Nikon D70

I need help.

I'm an avid amateur photographer who desperately needs help selecting a fairly decent macro lens for my Nikon D70. I've loved this camera ever since I bought it 5 years ago, and it came with a standard kit lens, which has served me well, but I'm shooting a wedding for some friends in August, and I need to have a macro lens to get close ups for portraits as well as macro shots of the place settings and the RINGS!

I can't be spending thousands of dollars on professional level lenses, I just can't afford that at this point in my life (someday!). I have to say, my budget is really no more than $200 for a lens that will fit my D70. I don't care about a lot of bells and whistles, I use my manual focus and manual settings anyway, but I want to know, what lenses should I be looking for?

After looking on this forum, and researching online as much I could (a lot of the technical jargon is lost on me) it looks like the Tamron AF 70-300 may be my best choice. Is that really a "macro" lens with it being able to shoot so far away? Help me understand exactly what I'm looking at here, and if I have any alternatives I should consider.
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The Tamron AF 70-300 should be labeled "macro-like" since it can't really focus close enough for real macro work of life size. It is only capable of a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2 (one half life-size). In other words at the closest it will capture an area of 32mm by 48mm. It also does this at 1.5m (59.0 in) / 0.95m (37.4 in) macro http://www.tamron-usa.com/lenses/prod/70300_di_a017.asp

Real macro lenses aren't cheap however but here are some offerings:


Other than the rings you don't seem to really need a macro lens however and may be able to make do with the lenses you have now.

Macro shots of the rings can be tricky as the depth of field is razor thin at macro distances.

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For a 1 time event, rent a macro which can be very reasonable. For longer term on a bugdet, consider extension rings.

As noted earlier, about the only thing that will require a macro are the rings. Would suggest doing them ahaed of time if possible. With shallow depth of field, don't even think of handholding on a 1:1 macro. Tripod, mirror lockup and remote trigger. Lighting is imperative. Assuming you don't have a ring flash, a pringles can with an opaque top coupled with the pop-up flash. A little more professional are ummbrellas firing from either side. As you can see, the ring shot isn't the spur of the moment impromptu shot.

For all the other closeup shots and portraits, your existing lens should be OK. However, if you don;t own it already, consider the inexpensive 50 1.8 It will really enhance with the shallow dept of field capabilities compared to the consumer grade lens you have now.
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