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Started off with the D80 kitted with the 18-135mm. As the result of a suggestion I then bought a Sigma 70-200 APO HSM. Wanted a macro so bought a Nikkor 60mm Micro. Wasn't too happy with the kit lens so bought a stdNikkor 50mm. Good lens but wanted a bit more wide angle so bought a Nikkor 24mm. One week ago, I still wanted a zoom lens and saw the 55-200mm VR, and at that price for 'VR' it had to be a "Go" so bought it. Today while simply passing the local photography shop, I decided to have a look see and saw a "like new" secondhand Nikkor70-300mm VR, so for about half price I just couldn't walk past it - no sirreee..!!!

I still want something around 12 to 18mm for the wide angle but I may have to put that on hold - temporarily..!!!

I have to say though that VR is great...!!!
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Hmmm, you have a very long way to go dear fellah! 12/24, 17/35, 17/55, Noct 1.2 50mm, 28/70, old 24/120, 18/200,kit 18/70, old 75/300, 70/200, 105 micro, 80/200, 200/400 and old mirror 500 f8. Most never see the light of day now but in their time they were the modern technology. The 18/70 which came with the old D70 for example. (In time it is only about 4 years since I bought the D70but seems light years. Even the D70hardly gets used now).A good lens but not in the class of the 17/55 which also has mostlymade redundant the 17/35. The 80/200 is used occasionally but usually the 70/200. The 500 mirror just gathers dust, like the old 75/300. When travelling there is only one lens - the 18/200 for sheer convenience. Mind you, some lenses first were used on an F2 or F90X and just never got sold when I went digital. Even the bodies sit gathering dust, and their respective flashes. PerhapsI should open a museum! Keep collecting! I'll be interested to see your post in another 20 years!
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Geee thanks cameranserai... That's all I needed to hear... Hahahaha..!!!

Seriously, I think I will stop for a while and take a breath or two. I never meant to get into this hobby on this scale. A year ago I was quite happy to point and shoot with a pocket type camera which cost about one-fifth the price of my D80.Now everytime I turn around I see a something which can do what I want a little bit better or a bit faster, only it has a pricetag to match the performance...

Nevermind, I guess I am finding a kind of satisfactory happiness in this hobby...

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The medical term for this is "Nikon Acquisition Syndrome" and there is no known cure. It is highly contagious and has been known to evolve into "Canon Acquisition Syndrome", "Pentax Acquisition Syndrome", etcetera. It is painless unless your spouse objects to you spending food and shelter money on your habit. It also forces you to maintain gainful employment long after you would normally retire.
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Ahhh Geeez,,

That's all I needed to hear,, that I have a "syndrome"... Syndromes are the worst because they are usually mainfested out in the open but are incurable... I'm doomed... Ah well, guess I'll just have to live with it... My bank "spending" account is beginning to look a little sad lately though...
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I have planned my purchase and give some thought on what I want and what I need.


17-55mm DX, 70-300mm VR, 18-135mm DX, and 105mm VR.

I am contented with this range, I did not need a low light 70-200mm VR as much it is a great lens. I have placed a stopped on lenses and now until the body dies I upgrade to a better one.

You must plan on what you need and what you desire, save for them rather then settle for alternatives, settle for alternatives may not be a bad thing but you end up with a bunch of redundant lenses.
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