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I am attempting to adapt a Fuji S3 to a medical retina fundus camera. Any Nikon camera body with a F mount will attach directly to the unit. Film cameras work great. Digital SLRs capture images approximately 1.5x because the CCD is smaller than actual 35mm film. Is there any sort of standard F mount reducing "relay" lens that will get my digital SLR closer to film?
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It is the smaller sensor itself that creates the "crop" factor. The only way to get rid of the crop factor would be to make the sensor larger. I don't believe it is possible to produce the effect you desire with any type of converter. Depending on how wide of an angle you need, you may be able to just simple purchase a wider angle lens that would be equivalent to what you need after applying the crop factor. For example, say you need a 35mm lens. All you would need to do is use a 24mm lens with a DSLR. 24mm x 1.5 =36mm equivalent. As long as you don't need an angle wider than 15mm or so, you should be able to find an equivalent lens.
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I understand, but the fundus camera is designed for camera backs to be directly connected to a camera with an F mount body. The fundus camera delivers focused light directly to the CCD or film plane. I am looking for a solution similar to a teleconverter only reducing the image instead of magnifying. There seems to be many companies making "focal length reducers" for applications such as connecting digital SLRs to microscopes/telescopes/etc. I have not found a reducer that would connect to other lenses like a teleconverter does(keeping the nikon F-mount).
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