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Default Which new lens

I have a year old D5000. With the body, I got the two kit lenses (18-55 & 55-200 f4-5.6). While I don't have the money (yet) for another lens, I'm ready to start saving for one.

My primary uses (in order)...
*My kids' sporting events (Son-- youth soccer, youth basketball. Daughter-- Middle school softball, middle school basketball)
*My kids' activities (Cub scout events, church choir, awards presentations, etc)
*Family activities (Birthdays, gatherings, vacations, fireworks, etc)
*Work activities ('behind the scenes', various activities (have included Ky Derby, Bluegrass Stakes, World Equestrian Games))

So, do I shoot (pun intended) for:
50mm 1.4
85mm 1.8
70-200mm 2.8

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Is there anything you've wanted to do that you couldn't because of the lenses you've got?

For most of what you say you want to shoot, I think the lenses you've got will work well. A 70-200/2.8 wouldn't be able to do anything on your list better than the 55-200 you've got, except the indoor stuff like basketball and awards cerimonies. Of the two Nikon 50/1.4 lenses, only one of them will AF on your D5000, and the 85/1.8 won't, so you need to watch that. And while the right 50/1.4 will allow you to do things you can't now, none of those things are on your list.
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The biggest issue I'm fighting is the lack of light on the indoor events (and outdoor when I use the whole glass). I want to stop the sports action more (I'm getting a lot of motion blur). Would also like to decrease DOF.
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For certain, an f/2.8 lens will help you with indoor shots, faster shutter speeds AND blurring the background. It will also focus faster. In short it will perform better in most regards than your current lens. But, there are still some limitations:
You're not going to get the same blurred backgrounds you see JustinThyme getting - he uses a 400mm 2.8, so don't expect miracles going from 200mm 5.6 to 200mm 2.8. It will be better, but focal length is also important.

Also realize that 200mm is not very long for field sports. You'll find that as you move to HS softball - if you're not on the field, 200mm will be short. When your son gets to full field soccer, you'll REALLY find 200mm short even if you're shooting just off the field.

So, the 70-200 2.8 is a step in the right direction, but it isn't the end-all-be-all of sports lenses.

Now, for basketball it will be good - but you'll still find you need to use ISO 3200-6400 depending on the gym. So, you'll still need a good noise reduction software program.

Keep in mind though, a good external flash will do wonders for awards presentations, birthdays, etc.

So, you might want to consider something like the sigma 70-200 2.8 and use the money saved on an SB-600. That combination will do more for all your needs than just the 70-200 2.8VRII alone would do.
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Thanks John.

I'm not looking to blur the background as much as Justin did. I'm more concerned with ability to stop action better. That's why I was thinking the 50 or the 85 mm. Fortunately, I've still got 5 years or so before my son hits full field (he's only on U7 right now).

I'll take a look at the Sigma too.
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