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After MUCH research on the internet as well as many calls/visits to local camera shops, I am confused as to which lens will be most beneficial to shoot high school Varsity football on Friday nights under the lights? I will be on the sidelines.

I know I need f/2.8 but must it be a Nikon AFS VR Nikkor 70-200mm /2.8G IF ED?

The only problem I have with a heavy lens such as this is the physical strain it may have on the D50 camera body. (or so I've read/heard). It looks like a bazooka.

Any help/suggestions appreciated!
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(Note: I don't have this lens, I can't afford it...)

With a lens like this, you will use the collar and carry the combo using the lens, not the body. A monopad is a good idea.

As far as range, it'll depend on where you plan on shooting from. The range is pretty good, but the 70mm end might be too close for under-the-basket positions. That's why pros have two bodies, one with wide angle and another for tele.

This lens have a $100 rebate that ends this month, so if you can decide soon, you could save $100.

Good Luck!
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Thanks for the reply & info.

I am asking about American Football & I'll be on the sidelines, approx. 20 yards in front of the play.
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I'd say 200mm would probably be enough... f/2.8 is good to have regardless of what you're shooting... if it's anything like my high-school football field then the field will be well lit but nothing else will be, so if you're shooting fans and such as well as action the f/2.8 will be very useful. If you're looking to save a bit of money then look at the 80-200mm f/2.8. There are a few different versions, the AF-S being the latest. All of the versions are very good and this is what most who can't afford the 70-200mm VR go for. Also the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 and 70-210mm f/2.8 are supposed to be very good as well.
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Great - thanks for your help!

I guess I want to get the most bang for the buck & be able to produce killer shots without breaking the bank.

Any further suggestions/comments appreciated.
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