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Since reading about this new lens from within this forum a few days ago, I just had to have a look-see. This morning I was heading into town anyway so Idiverted from the main route and headed over to the camera shop. I couldn't believe the price so I justhad to buy one.

To be honest, you can see why the18-55mm VR is only this price. It has only a zoom ring,, it has no lens hood or fitting,, andit is all plastic.

Well what did you expect... titanium and ivory???

Just as with the similarly cheap 55-200mm VR, it can take some wicked little photo's. As soon as I got home, I mounted it on the D80 thenadjusted, pointed and clicked. I took a small variety of different shots zooming in then out, at different brightnesses, at different distances and angles to the sun,, then transferred them across to the PC. One or two of them may have needed a small tweak with Photoshop to bring the contrast vs brightnessright but most of them were more than acceptable and one or two of them were downright good. Actually, I found it performed best when set to about 35+mm and I can assure you that a couple of the shots were just short of fantastic. I can't wait to try it on the D300...

However,I did notice that fromone end of its focal range to the other, (minimum to maximum zoom)there was a noticable amount of difference in brightness in most conditions, probably more sothan any other zoom lens I have regardless of its range, which meant while changing the amount zoom, there may be more adjusting to do before taking your shots, obviously a lot to do with this lenses modest specs.

Even though I have had this lens for all of4 hours now, I have only used it under reasonably sunny conditions and have not yet given it a burnout. Only time can give me the opportunity to do so,, BUT,, what I can add now is, for a meazly small handful of dollars, you can't expect too much, and indeed you don't get toomuch, but what you do get works quite well. I would rate it as similar to the 55-200mm VR for, well just about every aspect. The one thing it has over the 55-200 is its more usable range for my type fo shooting...

Technically, it might be just anEl Cheapoplastico,but... Yeah - I like it...

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Hello Fewpics,

I agree - for a cheap lens - you can pull of some pretty sharp shots with this sucker !

One other thing I've noticed is that when I compare the shots between the VR version and the non-VR version of the 18-55 is that the non VR version is wider. I've also noticed that the original is "G ED" and the VR is only a "G" so I can only assume that the VR lens may not do as well in some lighting conditions...

I have recently obtained the VR 18-55 so I have a lot of trial and error to put it through. So far - so good!

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My brother was looking at the "NIKON 17-55MM F2.8 DX AF-S" non VR too, which sells for about9 times the price of the cheap 17-55m VRwe have got... He has a D200 and is rather good at his photography, compared to me. The shop let him use it for a while and he was horrified that all but one or two of the pictures he took with this lens were blurry and/or seemed to be out of focus. He couldn't get it right at all, needless to say he wont be buying that particular lens. He phoned me and told me this just a few nights ago. We both agreed that either he had a dud or some other supernatural forces must havecome into play, as this lens would be up there with the very best of them all...

Shows you,, sometimes you find real bargains in the "bargain bin"...
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