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Can you use the 180mm with the TC-201 2X teleconverter on a digital nikon like the D70s or the D200?
If so are there any limitations?
And finally a general question about teleconverter's. When it is stated that the aperture is doubled, does this mean that less light is reaching the lens but that the original aperture is still usable at a slower speed, or does the teleconverter make the aperture unusable? Would the 2.8 still be usable for example?

It would be nice to have a relatively cheap 540mm f2.8 Nikon lens, That is compact enough to travel with.
Or am I just dreaming?


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According to the Nikon site the 180mm f2.8 can be used with the TC14E but there is no mention of any other teleconverters which is strange. This is an old style lens which IMHO should work with the older style TC's but a call to a Nikon specialist would verify exactly which converter will work.

Turning to the second part of your post the TC range lets less light into the camera and for example the maximum aperture using the TC14E would then be F3.5, a loss of one stop. Using the TC20E or its older equivalent will result in a two stop loss so less light getting into the camera and slower shutter speeds.

Frankly I'm not convinced by your argument here at all. 540mm is a most unwieldy focal length in general terms; it is just too long for most uses. Personally I carry a TC14E and TC17E but use them with my zooms making them more practicable. The TC14E and the 70/200 lens make a wonderful combination as does the same converter with the 200/400 f4 lens but the longer converter loses too much light on the longer of the two lenses leading to too much hunting. The TC17E loses 1.5 stops by the way.

A compact lens for travelling? Buy the 18/200 lightweight and crop a bit in post processingat longer distances!
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