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Default nikon 200mm macro

Any one have any expreiance with this lense ?
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I purchased the ai version a few months ago. A few months prior to that I purchased the 105 macro ais model. Both are manual and that is rarely an issue with macro images.

Both take some very high quality images with proper technique. When hand held, the percentage of images that are sharp from the 105 is far greater than the 200. I find the 200 very difficult to hold steady enough to get a sharp image even at 1/500. Being close the to subject with such a high magnification causes its own problems, of course. Admittedly, I have never been one to have a rock-steady technique.

My efforts using a tripod are somewhat limited, but the results haven't been much better. Just don't have the stability. Not sure if I blame the lens mount, tripod, ergonomics of the weight, whatever.

Attached a few successful images.
Attached Images
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The other "stability" issue with close-up/macro is the mere act of pressing the shutter release. Movement can be generated even when on a tripod. Get a remote shutter release, or other system such as live view computer tethered.
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Hand-held macro's can be difficault, tizeye had some good suggestions...

On a tripod with static subjects you can also set the timer if you don't have a remote... Also,
using a remote, you can use the Mirror up (MUP) setting which lifts the mirror on the first press
of the button then trips the sutter on the second press to help eliminate shutter slap vibrations...

Live view also lifts the mirror out of the way so only the shutter trips helping to elimate vibrations
as well...

Flash can also help to "Freeze" action and eliminate shake-blurr as well as movement from an active
critter or flower moving in the breeze...

Hope something here helps somehow...

D7k with old/new glass and a few other things...

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I normally use fill flash and shoot in mirror up. I am beginning to really like the 200 macro and maybe a little more than the 105.

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I have the Micro-Nikkor in the 60mm, 105mm, and 200mm focal lengths. An indoor test shooting dead insects with my D700 on a tripod, with a cable release and 3 flashes, had the best results with the 105, followed by the 200 and then the 60.

Outdoors for handheld shots, 105 and 200 are very good, it depends on how much working distance you want. I like the longer working distance of the 200. It is a heavy lens, though.
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