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taolang May 8, 2006 4:34 AM

:? Anybody who have use this lens on thier DSLR?, just want to have an idea of its performance (sharpness, focus speed, distortion) appreciate it if coming from people who have owned and use it, their's a used one selling for $250 should I take it?

tnx n advance

Ronnie948 May 8, 2006 7:46 AM

Yep! $250.00 is a very good price if the lens is in good usable condition. I have the Nikon 24/120 "D" lens and I also have the 24/120 "VR" lens and both are very good. The only advantage the "VR" lens has over the "D" lens is you can use a slow shutter speed and still get a sharp photograph. The "D" lens can be used on a film camera because it has the aperture adjusting ring. The "VR" lens does not have that so can't be used on a older film camera. If on a tripod there is no diffrence because you need to turn off the "VR" function when using a tripod.

They are both excellent quality len's Made in Japan. I just bought a Nikon 18/200 that is in the shop already because the zoom is so loose you can't use it unless you hold it and then 1/2 the time it will zoom while the shutter is depressed causing soft pictures. 18/200 is Made in Tiawan (what did I expect) I will probably just use My 24/120 for weddings and when I need to depend 100% on the lens to function correctly at all times.

Yes, I say check it out and Buy it if it is not beat up.


mtclimber May 9, 2006 2:20 PM


Ronnie is absolutely correct. If you can get the Nikkor 24-120mm VR for $250, go for it! It is a great lens and that is an unheard of price.


taolang May 10, 2006 5:10 AM

sorry if i didnt mentioned it, its a a non VR and a used one.

rjseeney May 10, 2006 6:38 AM

That's about the going price for this lens're not getting a great deal (not a bad deal either). It's not a bad lens, but not great either. If you got the 18-55 with your D50, for the same money you could get the 55-200 brand new, and have more coverage in a lighter faster performing package. Even the VR version of this lens only has decent performance (the only great feature being the VR).

mtclimber May 10, 2006 7:23 AM

The lens not beeing a VR lens, does indeed make a big difference. On that basis, I agree that the price is just average, provided the lens is in good condition optically and mechanically.


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