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Originally Posted by vIZnquest View Post
I have both and use the Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 more than the Nikon 35mm 1.8. I get good results with both but there is much more latitude using the zoom lens. I never liked Sigma except the two lenses I have with my SA-9 film camera.
I have the original Sigma 18-50 (the non hsm)and haven't had any issues with focus speed. I've shot indoor sports with it using my d300. Optically it is very good. By most reports the tamron is even better and you get a little extra width to boot. I was originally going to get the Tamron, but I came across the Sigma for a good price so I gave it a shot.
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After playing with my friend's 580exII flash on his 7D, I now absolutely need a flash unit !

Therefore, Ill probably get the 35mm f1.8 + SB-600.
I need to know: AF Performance of 35mm in low light / night time events

Long term its more logical than the tamron, as I may get a nikon 24-70 or 17-55 when i have the funds, and Ill have a flash already.

These are the (35mm equiv.) focal lengths I use most often on my point and shoot, I think this prime as my only normal lens, I can live with.

d90 doesnt have exif for AI-S lens so this is my point and shoot.

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What that chart shows me is that, since (the 35mm equivalent focal length of) 24mm is as wide as you could go, and it was used most often, perhaps you would have gone wider if you could. So a lens with an upper limit of 16mm (35mm equivalent of 24mm) and going wider, might be in order.

The 35/1.8 has a 35mm equivalent of 52.5mm on an APS-C body, and a significant portion of your use was wider than that, so you may find the 35/1.8 restricting. Perhaps you should be looking at a lens that zooms from at least 20mm (35mm equivalent of 30mm) to at least 33mm (35mm equivalent of 50mm) instead, with an upper limit of 50mm (35mm equivalent of 75mm) wouldn't be out of the question.

So I think that, from your prior useage, you might be better off with an 18-50 (or so) instead of the 35. And you might want to consider an ultra-wide zoom as well.
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I have a tokina 11-16, along with old 50mm 1.4 AI-s, sorry I forgot to mention.

In reality, i don't use wide angle as much as it looks like.
Alot of wide shots becasue at 24mm I get f/2.6, and crop. p&s is ugly at more than 100ISO

I will try shooting only at 50mm and see how It is for me
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