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KDKarlson Oct 25, 2009 11:39 AM

I think they were talking about a circular polarizer... on my 70-210D you just have to re-adjust the rotation of the CP after you focus or zoom. Not impossible, but kind of a pain, particularly with a lens hood on. I keep a UV on mine all the time.

rjseeney Oct 25, 2009 5:01 PM


Originally Posted by dotibwai (Post 1012814)
Thanks for the critique. Also is it true that i will have difficulty in using a screw on type uv filter with this lens ? the reason being is that i was told that as the front element on this lens rotates during focusing this may cause a problem with screw on filter.

Can anyone confirm or deny this
thanks in advance

What kind of problems are you having? UV filters should have no effect on the final image in terms of focus or exposure (it could cause image degradation, such as flare or lack of sharpness). The front element rotating would cause issues with a polarizing filter or graduated ND, as the effect changes when the filter rotates.

The debate as to whether to use a uv filter for protection is ongoing and will never be settled. Personally, I don't use protective filters.

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