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I am also a beginner but this is what I have learned. If anyone more experienced would be so kind as to correct me or add to this I think Mark would benefit at least a little. And Mark, if any of this is redundant then please dont take it the wrong way.

Indoor lighting situations can be very challenging. Use flash if you are not. Using the d50s preset white balance usually provides good results for me. Looks like your shutter speed needs to increase. Your shutter speed should at least match the focal length you are shooting. Example. 1/50 or more for 50mm.

Try shooting in A or S modes.

If you are in lowlight maybe start with an ISO of 800. The lower the better. With "A" or aperture mode use the lowest setting number(also the widest aperture) and the d50 will calculate the best and highest shutter speed for you. If you have more than enough shutter speed dial the ISO down. The higher the ISO(sensitivity) the more potential for unwanted noise.

If you shoot in "S" or shutter priority mode, you pick the shutter speed and the camera will pick the best aperture. This is sometimes handy for me because I tend to lose track of monitoring the shutter speed and get a few pics that are blurred.

I personally shoot 97% in "A", 2% in "M", and 1% in "S". The "A" mode gives me the best control. Experimenting, I'm sure you will find your favorite.

If you can afford it. I would strongly recommend an sb-600 and a 50 1.8. The 50 for around $110 is great. Read what people have to say about it. 100% positive. The sb-600 for around $200 would allow you to direct, bounce, and diffuse flash. A very nice more natural look.

Well I hope this helps. Good luck.
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