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Thank you all for your help. I am really stuck between the Tamron 18-270mm VC Vs the Nikon 18-200mm VRII.
My question is really with the speed of the auto focus between the two. Say I am at an AirShow and I see an F-18 flying at 500mph. and I zoom in and want to take a really clear picture.. Which one would I most likely miss the shot? Would I get the shot with both Lenses? Is the Tamron that much slower in Auto Focus? Is the Nikon that much Faster? Is it better to get a Tamron without Auto focus and have the D90 body focus?
I would rather have the reach because about 70% is static subjects, but I would end up taking a lot of pictures with fast moving objects..
So with sports, fast moving objects, which lens would I miss the most pictures??
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I was plane spotting over the weekend, and I was at 250-300mm most of the time. 200mm for the long end will be short for aircrafts unless you are super close. And some of them were the size of a f18, range is an important factor. The Tamron should be fast enough as the action is at a decent distance away for safety and other reasons, so the the 300 knots actions will not need a super fast AF system.

I was pretty close to the aircraft as they approached. And the smaller planes has me at the long end of my 70-300mm

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For F-18s, you'd be better of prefocusing just short of infinity and stopping down so anything you shoot will be within the depth of field. Panning and keeping the AF on a small aircraft will be tough.

What you will end up with is a lot of chromatic aberration in the high contrast between the aircraft and the sky.
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I you go to Sept 4th 2009 under Nikon DSLR you will find that I posted some Aeroplane shots that I took with the !8-200mm lens .I took a lot with very few failures.
I'm not saying I'm a wonderful photographer just that the lens does an adequate job for me. Also I have been able to crop in fairly tight and still keep good quality.
At the time I was using a D40 body ,now I have the D5000 and it's still a nice walk around lens.I have entered many shots taken with it into competitions and had very positive comments.
It focuses pretty quick.
Going to a shop to try these lenses out is a good idea.
I am aware that a bag of prime lenses would give better results but thats not for me,as I have enough weight to tote around as it is.With the excellent ISO handling of the D5000 you can pump up the ISO to give quite fast shots most of the time IMHO.
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