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Default Nikon lens comparison: 18-135 versus 18-105VR

Got a Nikon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G lens with D80 a couple of years back (this lens was recently discontinued I see). I also have the 70-300mm VR lens.
I was looking at swapping my 18-135 for the Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens that comes with the D90 (also sold separately). I like the VR and also like that this will be another lens with a 67mm thread (I invested in a few round filters so don't want anything larger than 67mm thread if possible). I've thought of the 18-200 VR2 coming out but it is more expensive, I've already go the 70-300mm VR - and would like to continue to use my 67mm filters.
Does someone know offhand - Can I expect similar image quality with the 18-105 VR as I have been getting with my 18-135? I certainly wouldn't want to step backwards in image quality.
Is there a website that does these types of comparisons side-by-side? I've read reviews and such but can't find good comparisons.

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I just figured out that at slrgear.com I can pop open the graphs from the reviews and compare them side by side on my screen. It appears that, accordingly to their test results, I can expect an improvement in vignetting at 18mm (I use 18mm a lot and have seen vignetting problems) and also an improvement in chromatic aberration with the 18-105mm. Thank you in advance for any other comments related to comparing these to lenses especially from anyone that may have owned/tried both these lenses.
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Man,, that 18-135 is SHARP (when used in its middle range of 50-100mm and F8). The corners can get soft, and a little dark at both extremes and it will fringe out there too.

I went from the D80 W/18-138 to a D90 W/16-85VR. The overall image quality improved. Although, I believe the center sharpness of the old 18-135 was equal to or marginally better than the 16-85. Bottom line, the 18-105 will be a step up too. But most of the improvement will be with purple fringe and light falloff in the corners.

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I agree with Garry-

I like my 18-105 mm vr lens better than the old 18-135 mm non vr lens. I see much less corner dark spots at 18 mm with the 18-105 mmvr lens.

Sarah Joyce

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Gary and Sarah - thank you very much for your input!
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