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deegee Oct 12, 2010 12:57 PM

Nikon pro sports kit download original Wimbledon images.
Whilst shooting The Wimbledon Tennis Championships this year I used just about every piece of Nikon pro sports equipment available. Many people have asked me to reveal the exif data of the resultant images that I have posted on my web site.

Since I was reviewing the equipment for an article in Photo Pro (UK magazine) that had not yet been published, I explained that I did not feel it correct for me to do this but promised to do so after publication. It was a privilege to shoot using so much high-quality kit from accredited positions at such a wonderful sporting event and I feel duty-bound to share some of the learning I gained. I know that had I not taken the shots, I would myself be very keen to see the comparative image quality delivered by the various lenses! The first part of my two-part article has now been published in Photo Pro, so I feel it appropriate make some sample images available.

I shot using:- Nikon D3S, D3X, 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII, 200mm F/2.0, 300mm f/2.8 VRII, 400mm f/2.8. 600mm f/4.0, 1.4TC, 2.0 TCIII, and (believe it or not!), a Hasselblad with a variety of lenses.

I have created a special section on my web site containing galleries of images sorted by lenses used - . I have tried to select images that lend themselves well to comparison (not necessarily my best shots), so you can for instance compare similar images taken with both the 70-200mm f/2.8 and the 200mm f2.0. These sample images are the only ones on my site that can be downloaded full-size for no charge. You are welcome to do this so you can pixel-peep at your leisure. Im afraid out of necessity the images are watermarked and can be used only for personal lens comparison use strictly nothing else. They must not be distributed or published elsewhere.

I obviously cannot publish the magazine article but for those who cannot purchase a hard copy of the magazine, in the unlikely event of you being interested in my views there is a link on my site to Photo Pros site, from where you can download an electronic version of the (current) November 2010 and (forthcoming) December 2010 issues that contain the articles. These cost 2.50 each and my share is zero, so please do not think there is any financial motive to this post! The images are offered for free download in the spirit of the forum. I dare say that many will think I should have done something different or used better settings etc. If you feel the need to publicly criticise, you are of course free to do so but gently and constructively please!

I have no special skills but I did have a fairly unique opportunity that I am happy to share in the hope that others will also be prompted to also share their own unique experiences.
Duncan Grove ARPS

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