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Quoted from Nikon's website:

Nikon has a long history of making excellent lenses and we have many different technologies used in our lenses. Here is a brief glossary of our lens terminology:

ED - The lens uses Extra-low Dispersion glass for superior image quality, especially at wide apertures.

IF - Internal Focus, focus is accomplished without the lens barrel rotating or changing length, an advantage when using a position-sensitive filter such as a polarizer.

AF-S - Focusing is driven by a "Silent Wave" motor in the lens instead of the focus drive motor in the camera. AF-S lenses focus faster than standard AF-Nikkors and are almost completely silent. AF-S lenses with a "II" designation weigh less and are generally smaller than their equivalent predecessors.

D - The lens provides Distance information to the camera electronically for more accurate light metering.

G - The lens has no aperture control ring and is designed to be used with cameras that allow setting the aperture from the camera body. G lenses also provide Distance information to the camera.

DC - Defocus Control, the optical characteristics of the lens can be altered to change the appearance of the out-of-focus elements in the background or foreground.

VR - Vibration Reduction, lenses with this feature can be hand-held at lower shutter speeds than non-VR lenses because they have a system that detects and counteracts vibration associated with hand-holding a camera and lens. (VR operation is available only with specific Nikon cameras.)

DX - The lens is specifically designed for use on Nikon digital SLR cameras. It produces a smaller image circle for more efficient coverage of the imaging sensor in these cameras, which is smaller than the 35mm film frame.
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That IS good stuff - thanks!!!
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A wealth of info as far as im concerned:G
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This should be a sticky post!
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