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Dee-ehn Apr 5, 2005 12:57 PM

I'm looking for a polarization filter to add to my Nikon D70 with the Nikon 18/70mm ED kit lens.

I see filter of different brands, mainly Hama, B&W and Hoya. What is best to take? Hama is somewhat cheaper than the other brands... do the more expensive ones justify their higher prices or is it just paying for the brand?

NHL Apr 5, 2005 10:16 PM

It's in the quality of the construction...

Most B&W filters are mold and polished down - just like a glass piece in the camera lens. The filter ring also are usually made of brass and won't "mis-thread" as easily. There's also the anti-reflective coatings which is what make the Hoya filter famous - but like most filters theses are stamped from flat sheet of glass. You can't really tell by just looking at a filter, but with use some filters will interact with the lens and may flare more than other, also depending on the incident light the image contrast can also be affected.

This all depends on your lenses of course: there's no sense in putting an expensive filter on a low grade lens, or installing an inexpensive filter on top of a high $$$ lens defeating its purpose ;)

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