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Ran into an unusual situation while shooting HS football this afternoon:

I am using a Nikon D50 with a Nikon 80-200D ED f.2.8 lens. in Sports Mode

The aperature on the LED panel was changing from 2.8 to 4 all the way up to 5.6 in 3:00pm daylight.

What gives? I thought a f/2.8 lens will ALWAYS register at 2.8??? :O

Any help, insight appreciated!
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I would absolutely agree that, in either manual or aperture modes, the aperture would remain at f:2.8 no matter what the other settings were, even if it meant over or under exposing the photograph. In the sports mode, and I'm only guessing, the camera will use the highest shutter speeds/largest aperture until the brightness of the situation called for a higher shutter speed than the camera is capable of (at that particular aperture) in which case, the camera would have to stop the lens down to get a proper exposure.

It's late, past my bedtime, so I may be rambling, and the manual doesn't give much info on these modes(I also own the D50).

If I am right, then the answer may lie in a neutral density filter.

Hope I helped at all...

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You are under a misapprehension here. F2.8 is the MAXIMUM lens aperture, not the fixed one and will change if you are using programme mode according to the light input. I never shoot in programme mode with any of my cameras using aperture priority when I am for example photographing a wedding (slow moving or static shots where I can get the subject in focus but a blurred background for example)and always shutter priority for action sports mainly motor racing (setting the shutter speed fast enough to freeze the action). It is the mix of the speed/aperture/ISO rating that gives the correct exposure and if the ISO rating is set at, say 400 on a sunny daythen the aperture will close to give right exposure for the shot. If I was you and wanted to take all shots at f2.8 I would use aperture priority mode and set it at the desired setting. Ifit is a bright day then you'll see that at f2.8 the speed setting will be fast, sometimes very fast.However, I am curious as to why you prefer this aperture setting since the depth of field is pretty thin and you'll end up with a lot of blurred photos if the camera focuses on a differnt area. The occasional shot of one player if close enough yes, but for most sports shots f8/11 is probably better. Personally though for action sportsI would advise you to use shutter priority mode at just enough speed to freeze the action (or blur it to give the impression of movement when panning) Experiment and you will see that the aperture setting changes every time you use the thumbwheel to change the speed and you'll soon learn how the camera works to help you out. I hope this helps
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Thanks so much for your collective help - You both made valid points & gave me great info to research & experiment with.

I thought there was something wrong with my $1K lens!! :shock:

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