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Hello all,

I recently noticed the "Promaster" name. Looks like Promaster is a distributor - I guess but I originally thought they were only a distributor for Tamron :

But then I saw a "Promaster" labeled 12-24 mm lens that looked an aweful like the Tokina: http://shop.cordcamera.com/Items/4802872?

Has anyone heard of "Promaster" and have any experience with their lenses or - are they simply selling the brand name lenses that don't meet the brand name quality specs?



Here is a 55-20mm "Promaster" that sounds just like a similar Tamron: http://shop.cordcamera.com/Items/4808895?

And a 19-35mm "Promaster" model that sounds just like a Tokina lens: http://shop.cordcamera.com/Items/33334400?

I know - if it sounds like a duck... Just wondering if anybody knows why Tokina/Tamron appear to be selling lenses under the Promaster label ?
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Promaster has been around a very long time.

I have a promaster 28mm manual focus that I bought in 1980 and still use today. I also had a promaster pre- Ai 135mm that has even older.

I don't know about modern lenses. But what impressed me about them at the time was they were built machanicly much better than other third party lenses such as Vivitar. I've had both vivitar and sigma lenses literaly fall apart on me. Opticly the ones I owen prform quite well.
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Promaster does not produce lenses. Their lenses are just rebadged lenses made by other manufactureres, and they are typically the lower end tamron's and tokina's. Another brand you'll see that does this is Quanteray. I'd stay away from them.
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Thanks tjsnaps.

rjseeney - or anybody else, have you ever seen competing Tokina or Tamron manufactured lens under the promaster label before? This isn't a sigma/quantaray lens - but from what I've read - these promaster versions of the 12-24 and 11-18 appear to be identical (to their specific manufacturer's labeled product). The only difference I've noted is that Promaster gives a lifetime warranty whereas Tokina/Tamron's warranties are usually 4+5 yrs if I remember correctly.

I just find it "odd" (for lack of a better word) to see the 11-18 and 12-24 sold and labeled under a mutual name - after all, these two lenses by these two manufacturers are quite competetive products. It's like Nikon and Canon offering similar cameras with the same label. ?
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