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Howdy there, It's been a while. BUT, I am doing what I shoulda oughta done in 2005 when I purchased the Oly 8080, I'm looking into a DSLR. I am looking at Oly and Nikon, right now. I read something about the lenses that:

'D80 and D90 (and above) will accept ALL Nikon F mount and both have an internal motor to drive the earlier auto focus lens' mechanisms.' (from an amazon forum - I can get the e-dress if needed)

So, am I to understand that my N90 lenses may well fit these puppies? Granted, I need to pull mycamera and associated lenses out of the closet and see what types of mount they have, but was wondering if this is correct. IF so, where can I learn more? It could sway my decision...

Then, I'll need to look into Pentax and ancient k-mounts ;o)~ I loved my K1000 and was horrified when it started acting up. I never felt the love for the N90 that I had for the Pentax...

Anyhow, I have lots of homework to do.. I hope this is the best forum for this question.

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They should work just fine. The problem will be they are probably not wide enough. My favorite lens on my F4 was a 24-105. It worked fine on my D80 but the 24 end was not near wide enough for the 1.5 crop factor. I did salvage the 70-300D and still use it. I have a couple of primes I was able to re-use as well. So it all depends on what you spent back when the N90 was hot. Hopefully you spent well.
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Your old lenses will work fine on all Nikon DSLRs except for the D40 D40x and D60. The lenses will still work with these but won't autofocus unless you have IF-S lenses.

I've carried forward Nikon, Sigma and Tokina lenses from an N60 to a D70 and then a D80. Friends have used lenses from Nikon film cameras on Fuji S2, S5 and Nikon D200s and D300s with no issues.

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