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Old Jul 18, 2004, 4:03 AM   #1
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I already have the kit lense from nikon D70 that covers 50 mm. should I get another 50 mm/1.8? will I notice any difference?
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What use did you have in mind? The f/1.8 would be better for use in low light conditions, as I think the kit lens is at max aperture f/4.5 at 50mm. The f/1.8 max aperture represents 1.5 stops difference. That's double your shutter speed or halving the ISO value (with inherent noise reduction) as is possible with the 18-70 zoom.

However if stopped down to say f/5.6 or f/8, I wouldn't be surprised if there were absolutely no noticeable differences between shots taken with the two lenses.
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More important than the f-stop difference is that theses standard lenses are designed to be sharp wide open. This lens, with the crop factor, becomes a short tele with a nice shallow DOF which is excellent for portrait. An effect that you might not be able to get such as isolating the subject from their background with the kit lens

A 50mm or 60mm macro is another possibility to complement you kit lens :idea:
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Old Jul 18, 2004, 1:24 PM   #4
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yes, that is what I want to achieve. To make backgrounds blurred for either portraits or take pictures close to a sea of flower but only make a few in the foregrounds to be clear and the rest to be blurred.

can I achieve that with kit lense?

what aperture settings do I need to set in order to acheve those blurred background effects?
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Old Jul 18, 2004, 6:03 PM   #5
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We are back where we started. A 50mm lens is fine if it is what you want. In effect, it is what the eye sees, not a zoom. If you want portraiture with a blurred background, or sports photos like you see in the papers (motorcycling with the rider and bike in focus but the background blurred) then you need a wide aperture lens, and the lens ratio considered the best for portraiture is a 135mm. For sports photography at it's best, then add quite a lot to your budget for a 600mm lens!

But we come back to your original point of a 70/300mm lens, and the best lens by far for what you need is, at the risk of repeating myself, the 70/200 VRIFED Nikkor. F2.8 gives you the facilty to have the blurred background (bokeh in professional parlance). More importantly, this lens is F2.8 at 70mm, and F2.8 at 200mm, which cheaper zooms cannot match. You have not said what you want to photograph with a zoom lens, portraits apart.

To conclude, a prime lens is highly specific to the purpose, and today most of us, for our purposes, are better off with a zoom. Prime lenses are for prime occupational functions in the main, and tend to be very expensive to boot. I refer you to my previous post concerning the TC14 adaptor and my dislike of the kit lens.
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