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hueen Dec 9, 2005 9:57 AM

I got my Sigma 12-24 two days ago after having it in mind for a couple of months. I've read lots of good stuff about it and some bad, and my first impressions pretty much are the same.
To get right to the negative: I wasn't aware that I couldn't really use filters on it. Seems like I totally missed that part. There is a metal adaptor ring that sticks onto the front of the lens for putting a lens cap on, and it has a filter mount threaded into it, so technically it does take filters, BUT: In the corners of a picture (taken or viewfinder) you can see that adaptor ring between 12 and 14mm focal lengths. With a filter on, I can see those shadows up to 17mm.
I want to use a polarization filter on it, but what's the use of having a 12-24 when I can only use it as a 17-24 with a filter?

So my question, would a distance rings be usable and useful? What size would I need to increase focal length until the shadows disappear?
Maybe those questions are dumb, I've never used distance rings. If so, does anyone have any other idea?

Gelatine filters are out of question.

Thanks for any help!

Found this:
I don't think this would work on a D70 (crop factor 1.5) because he describes he doesn't see vignetting on his Canon (crop factor 1.6) with just the lens cap mount attached.

hueen Dec 9, 2005 11:32 PM

Screw that, I just got the Tokina today. Apparently noone had good advise anyway :p
With a filter on it you see some vignetting up to 14mm but it is way less than on the Sigma.
Does anyone know anyone who would like a Sigma 12-24 for $500? Otherwise I'll just send it back tomorrow morning.

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