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edorfox Jun 26, 2005 10:07 PM


I just got the "Bigma" for my resurrected D70 and thought I'd post a few photos. My opinion of the lens is, "it's fast focusing, sharp, and contrasty but, darned heavy" It's a bit "slow" in the F-stop department but oh!, what range! I think it's a very good lens and well worth the money so far.


navalcover Aug 7, 2005 6:04 PM

Does the autofocus function of the Sigma 50 - 500 work on the Nikon D70 beyond f/5.6? I thought that the autofocus limit was at that point. What problems, if any, did you encounter with the autofocus when using this lens on the D70? Do you have any comments on picture quality?



edorfox Aug 7, 2005 11:12 PM


I haven't had any problems with AF at any f/stop. The AF is very fast and only has trouble (hunting) when the object you're trying to target is too small or blends with the background. Those problems are universal. I'll let the photos speak for the picture quality. The only drawbacks are weight, nearly 10lbs and, a max f/6.3 at full zoom. This lens demands high 500+ speeds and/or a tripod. Overall, including the "drawbacks" I would buy it again. I took some airshow photos recently and posted them at work in a folder along side photos taken by another using a Canon 100-400 IS. I was very pleased to hear people remark that my photos were"better"...very un-scientific and probably unfair to make this comparison but still made me "feel good".
The photo below is straight out of the camera, no post processing. It was simply resized for this forum.


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