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Does anyone know the answer to the above question?

I've googled and can't seem to come up w/an answer... It looks like the D series was 1st, then DG and then DC - but I can't say for sure... Looks like the D series is cheapest, DG mid - DC - higher end?

I'm considering an "all around" lens for my D50 and want something like a 18 - 200 or 28 - 200 or 28 - 300 but I'm perplexed on the different series of D. DC and DG and what each means...

I do not have the cash for the nikon 18-200 VR so I am looking for something I can strap on my camera and go all day without changing lenses. Plan on using in plenty of daylight/well lit situations.

I also tried searching for an answer on the forums but had no luck. Any replies would be welcomed!

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Actually, I believe it's the following:

D-simply denoting that it's a D-type lens (I don't think that this designation is used any more, so it might actually tell you that it's an older lens)

DC-denotes that it is a lens for DSLR only (reduced image circle)

DG-denotes special coating supposedly better for DSLR (especially for CA), but can still be used for film SLR--there are often older, optically practically identical non-DG versions around as well

The designation for a high-end lens in the Sigma line is actually EX. Another useful acronym is HSM, which is Sigma's equivalent to Nikon's AF-S.
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Try this link. http://www.sigma-photo.co.jp/english/lens/index.htm
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