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Hi there, I was looking into a prime lenses and had planned on going the 50 mm f/1.8 D route, mostly because this is a hobby and I can't justify spending a lot on myriad lenses, much as I would love to. I'm just getting to know my camera and it's certainly appropriate for a beginner, which I very much am. Anyhow, I've been keeping my eye out for a used 50 mm f/1.8 and instead I came across a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AF D going for $149.

So my question to all of you experienced folks out there is, should I go for the 1.4 or just get a 1.8? The 1.4 seems like a great deal, it's being sold used from a very reputable camera place and is in mint condition. Am just wondering what other's thoughts on this are....

Thanks in advance!

*Edit: Actually, this is their listing, so I may be wrong as to what I should be looking at... am new to this lovely world, bear with me. 50MM F/1.4 NON D AF VG

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The used items I bought over the years, all had something wrong with them.

That includes Bronica, Mamiya, Canon. All from reputable dealers.

Not to scare you but to remind you that used involves risk sometimes.

And Cheap is usually Expensive.

I'd go for a new 1.8, about the same price, just my opinion.

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Have to agree...the 1.8 D is the one to get. Like mentioned, it can be had new for like $100.00 or less, and the reality is the 1.4 has such a shallow DOF that it makes quite difficult to use...my two cents.
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Thanks guys! I'm going to take your advice and skip the "deal". I appreciate the advice. I think I'll just continue to play with the lenses I already have and treat myself to the 50mm later on down the road.
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Optically the f1.4 is no better than the 1.8. You do get the extra stop, but as was mentioned, it's tough to get great results at the aperature. The lens is also notoriously soft wide open. $149 isn't a bad price used though (depending on condition) I've had luck buying used, but I stick with Keh first, Adorama and B&H second. Never had a problem, though I always stick with items rated as very good or better. I don't think I'd take a chance with anything rated less, unless I could see it first and try it. Also, if you're not saving at least 30%, I'd probably buy new. In this case a new f1.8 is still cheaper, so that's where I'd probably go.
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