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Hi all,
As I have done with all my lenses I want to protect my Nikon 18-200VR with a clear or UV filter. I also have a Nikon 70-300G (non VR).
I will also be getting a circular polarizer and a Cokin P graduated ND.
Right now I am thinking of the following setup:

72-77mm step up ring and 77 mm UV filter for the 18-200
67-77 step up ring and 77mm UV for the 70-300.
Thus I could get a 77mm polarizer to work with both lenses.

My 3 questions are:
1) is that a good idea?
2) Do I need to get the slimline filter to avoid vignetting at 18mm
3) Which filter brand to buy? I gather multicoated is the way to go, but to what extent with these lesnses? Nikon, B&W, Hoya DMC Pro etc etc?�

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Having step rings for the UV would cause pain when you went to put the lenses away in any kind of tube as they would have to be removed due to the overhang.

I went with the correct size UV for each of my three lenses, 58, 67mm and 77mm diameter and only remove it when I want to put on another filter. I have 58-67mm and 67-77mm rings to handle the polarizer at 67mm and the neutral density filters at 77mm. (I didn't want a polarizer for the 77mm diameter ultra-wide)
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Or you could go filterless, and just use the lens hood for protection. I gave UV/haze filters for protection several years ago after never having damaged a lens or filter in 10+ years of photography. 3 years later, still no damage, and I no longer suffer from as much flare or vignetting that I dealt with when using these filters. I also no longer have to deal with removing the protective filter when I want to use a polarizer or nd filter. I know many others who have done the same and are happier since doing so. I now only use these filters near the beach or in very windy or wet conditions.

If you're not willing to make the leap of faith, make sure you get a top quality filter (please don't hang a $20 filter on your $800 lens) and I would just get one for each lens, rather than dealing with the hassle of step up rings and swapping filters back and forth.

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