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FYI Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 EX shooting basketball with the "proper" lighting (2nd link): http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...94&forum_id=82

BTW TuanOKC is correct regarding the ultrasonic HSM drive (fast, silent, and full time manual focus overide). VR does not freeze an action shot, but a higher shutter speed does... Beside one needs a higher aperture to cover the DOF (ie you're not shooting a portrait here, but a whole group of players!).

Nonetheless an f/2.8 will always be heavier than a slower lens no matter who makes them: It needs larger optical (ie heavier) elements for a larger exit pupil...

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Thanks i remember your shots , you take some great pics!

Thanks for all the info. Im slowly learning lol.

I love this site and the members on here ive really come a long way ......i think

and still have a long ways to go

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Old Aug 25, 2004, 2:07 AM   #13
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well i got my sigma 70-200 f2.8 yesterday.

I took some midget football practice photos , it really wasnt as heavy as i thought.

still big compared to my last camera. but it will be fine.

now i have to buy a bigger camera bag, i cant fit everything in the one

i just got.

Ill have some shots up soon!

So far i like it, but i better spending that much huh.....lol

now i have to learn how to use it:-):-):-)
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Old Aug 25, 2004, 1:37 PM   #14
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I am definitely looking at getting that Sigma 2.8 lens. VR would be nice, but budgetwise I'll just have to keep taking baby steps. Jumping up to D70 with three lenses (kit, 50/1.8, 70-300 APO SM II) was quite a leap financially. Plus I just spent $200 more for memory, need to stop spending. :lol:
Last night I was shooting softball. Game started about 7:30 but really cloudy then rainy. Even shooting ISO 1600, since the APO II only goes to 4 at best, shutter speed when zoomed were about 100 or less, no good. Was thinking how nice 2.8 lens would have been, lol. I ended up using flash, couple players commented on it in a good natured way (I think) and umpire joked he thought he was seeing lightning flashes.
Which is a roundabout way to ask my question: when going from the level of lens I have now (with 4-5.6 aperature) to a constant 2.8, how much faster do shutter speeds become? I'm hoping to get season tickets to college football for fall and likely wouldn't be close enough for flash to do much good, wondered if a 2.8 lens would do me much good?
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