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And you could always go used if budget is too tight for both a 70-200mm f/2.8 and a brighter prime. For example, B&H has the Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 in stock in their used department for $249 right now:


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Trying to kill two birds with one stone in this case may result in having less than good photo's in either case.

The nikon 70-300 vr would be my choice for the ice hockey, depending on your camera's ability to handle higher ISO. The dance recitals will probably be in smaller quarters than the hockey game, so a lense in the 200mm range with a 2.8 or faster would be the ticket for the dance recitals.

If the fixed 85-1.8 lense would be long enough you could get both of these lenses for less than $500.00.
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So, how does the NIKON D70s handle the higher ISOs....hubby is pushing me to buy the 70-200 VR and spend the extra cash.

He knows a camera lens is better than diamonds for me.....

Being bribed in Northern Canada

Sue T.
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If you can afford the 70-200mm VR, do not consider another lens. I'm about to buy one for my D200, with a plan to move to a D3 or D3x within 2 years or so. I've used the 70-200mm VR, and it's incedible - especially after using my 18-200mm VR for most everything. Every stock photographer I've ever worked with who has this lens swears by it, as does most portrait photographers. If the reach isn't enough, you can add

If you CAN'T afford that kind of moolah, my wife is perfectly happy with her older push-pull version of the 80-200mm f/2.8 - to the point where she pouts if I even ask to borrow it. I picked one up used on eBay for about $550, worth every penny.

I haven't used the 3rd party superzooms, but there are great reviews and staunch supporters. Keep in mnd that any lenses you buy in this class will last you a very long time, and will retain a great deal of their value if you decide to go another direction.
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If hubby is bribing you with a Nikkor 70 to 200 f2.8 VR then you should accept right away. It is one of the if not the best zoom lens in this range ever to hit the market. I have one and the photos are astounding! go to http://www.photozone.de and look at the reviews of any lenses you are considering. This guy is pretty neutral on his assessment.

Happy shooting,

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Old Jul 9, 2008, 6:51 AM   #16
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Oh Happy day!

Accepted offered bribe and my new VR lens arrived yesterday. Immediately took it to son's soccer game and received many envious looks from other parents and requests to see/buy photos.

Some women need to have the biggest diamond in the room. I need to have the biggest lens.

By the way, first pics are promising.....

Thanks for all the advice and I think this purchase will have been worth the wait.

Sue T.
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