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Default What lens (or type of) is this

Whilst at a football match yesterday I was speaking to the lad that did our oppositions web site (he also had a Nikon D50). We got talking about lenes as he was looking at the Tamron 70-300 that I had. I asked him a little bit about his lens and he said it was a fixed focus one. It was really short (in length - shorter then the 55mm that came with my camera) but looking at some of the pictures he took - really sharp.

Now to the bizzare part, just before I could ask him what it was, he asked me how much my gear cost (which I told him the truth), he then got in a massive huff and walked off (go figure - pretty petty I know but.....!)

So I wondered if any of you guys came help identify it! I have tried on google but without much result!

The only other info I can give is that it looked to be half the size of the 55mm that I had with me - it was also black as well (not that that is much help!)

Cheers for any help!
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To start with, his lens would not have been a "fixed focus" lens; it was probably a "fixed focal length" lens. The terms "focus" and "focal length" are completely different and are never interchangable.

There are few fixed focal length (aka "prime") lenses made by 3rd party lens manufacturers. While the lens might have been a Sigma, Tamron, or Tokina lens, it was more likely a Nikon lens.

I would suggest that you look at one of Nikon's websites and look through the pictures of the lenses they offer to see if you can match one to what you saw. It will be difficult as many lenses look very much alike.

If you don't find a match, then check out the websites for other manufacturers, though the majority of their offerings will be zooms. The few primes you will find there are mostly macro lenses, though Sigma offers a few fast non-macro primes.
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Cheers for the info dwig - I will start looking!
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