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Hi rjseeney,

rjseeney wrote:
I don't know that full frames time will really come. In reality, it's not really necessary. With the image quality that APS sized sensors produce, and already useable images up to ISO 3200, I don't know that the extra cost in producing full frame sensors, is worth the results. Results at high iso's are already better than what the equivalent 35mm film produces. I also don't know that full frame guarentees better dynamic range. Thus to me, "Full Frame" is just a point of reference. As we move farther and farther away from the 35 mm standard, the need for crop factors will be reduced and eliminated.I have small children who will likely never use film and won't understand what crop factors are or be able to relate to a 35 mm standard. I also think we're not that far away from wider angle lenses which will eliminate one of the advantages that film has over digital.
No one knows, what future will bring us. We'll have to wait and see.
Techniques will be be developed, progress will be made. For both DX (which I'm sure, will stay for quite some time) and full frame. Full frame sensors will always be more expensive than DX ones, so maybe the full frame DSLRs will function as midsized (6x6 or 6x4.5 in film format) DSLRs.

Everyone coming from film, has to get used to the crop factor with DX. Starting in photography with DX, there's no such thing as a crop factor.

Refering to the original post, for full frame the question would have been:
What's the best way to cover the 28-300 range.....

Most DX lenses don't work on full frame (or only partly), while full frame lenses do work on DX. There seem to be full frame lenses that are performing less good on DX though. It would be very interesting to know which ones.

Kind regards,
Jan Wakker
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