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Default Why people say Tamron 17-50 has good bokeh?

I tried it out at a store, and its pretty bad.
Me rating lenses I've used based on bokeh smoothness only:
  1. 18-135
  2. 18-70
  3. 18-200
  4. 50 1.8 & 35 1.8 are very close. I'd say the 50 is slightly smoother.
  5. Tamron 17-50
Maybe they're confusing bokeh with f2.8 DoF?
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bokeh smoothness is affected by how many aperture blade the lens has also and weather they are rounded. Not sure the numbers the 17-50 has. the more the smoother, and more rounded the smoother.
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Bokeh is also entirely subjective. There is no standard, and no real way to measure it, so your opinion is as good as any other.

Trying a lens out in a store for a few test shots is also not necessarily the best way to evaluate its characteristics. You may have tested a bad copy (which happens) or being indoors you may not have been shooting under ideal conditions. Subject to background distance also effects bokeh as does focal length (the longer the focal length, the better the effect, meaning you will have to be closer to your subject with shorter focal lengths to get the best bokeh).
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Could you post some of the shots you took in your evaluation, so we can all see what you saw?
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85 1.4, 105 2 dc, and, 135 2 dc, are the bokeh kings hands down.
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