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Default wide angle lens for nikon d5000

Am new dslr and see that I need a wide angle lens. Looking for suggestions. Also which nikon flash sb 400 or sb 600 do I need for this camera? Thanks
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Welcome to the forums. I'll move this thread down to our Nikon lenses forum, where Nikon users are more likely to see it and offer some suggestions.

What do you mean by "wide angle lens"? Wide angle means different things to different users. Do you already have the 18-55mm AF-S VR kit lens (same angle of view you'd have using a 27-83mm lens on a 35mm camera), and you're looking for something even wider (one of the ultra wide offerings)?

I'd let members know what lenses you have now and what limitations you're seeing with them for better responses.

As for a flash, I'd look at the SB-600 over the SB-400. It's larger. But, it's more powerful and you'd get both tilt and swivel with it for greater flexibility in more conditions.
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thanks Jim. MY Nikon d5000 lenses are 18-55 and 55-200mm vr. I was thinking I might need a ultra wide angle lens like the Tokina 12-24mm f/4 at-x 424 Pro DXII. This is a fixed f/4. Would a lens like this be good for landscapes and groups or do I need another type?

Also would like to know if Nikon flash sb400 or sb600 is recommended for the Nikon d5000.
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You are "thinking" you might need a wide angle. Have you tried taking shots at 18mm and thought to yourself "if only I could capture a bit more of this scene"? Before you spend money - I would take lots of shots with your current lenses for a while and then see what you feel you might be missing. You may soon decide you want a macro lens - or a lens with a further reach - versus wide-angle - depending upon your shooting situations. Some folks feel 18mm is wide-enough for most situations.
Personally - I do like going wide for landscape shots - especially when you have a foreground element you really want to exaggerate. I've got the DX Nikon 10-24mm but have heard good things about both Sigma and Tokina as lower cost alternatives with same quality. Overall - however, it is my least-used lens.
The flash choice is really more of a function of flash power and features than which one goes better with your camera - they would both work great. SB-600 is slightly more powerful and can be rotated in addition to be tilted but you can save money and have a lighter carry-around option with the SB-400. I'd go to your local shop and try them both out.
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You might do a quick search for "uwa" and "groups". You'll see right away all the issues you'll be creating. Now for landscapes, it'd probably be OK. I'm not one to try to dis-suade a person from buying some fun stuff. If you can afford it get it.

Or, if you're not as flush as could be, try panoramas. That might work good enough for you. and it's free.
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First, SB600 hands down. Nothing wrong with the SB400 but if/when you go to an ultrawide lens, the greater light output and wider area coverage with the built in difuser will be absolutely essential.

I do own the Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6 and use it quite a bit in real estate photography. Most of my landscapes are taken with the 18-55, or if using the Sigma, closer to the 20. I also find the uwa the most difficult lens to use which caught me by surprise. You have to be very aware of the perspective as you compose as angles can introduce distortion. I would suggest using the 18-55 unless it is truly not meeting your needs.

EDIT NOTE: Adding some pictures to illustrate what I was referring to. All of these were taken with the Sigma at 10mm. They are of the basement in a foreclosed home.

The first two were condition "documentation" photos for the bank, and in this case after cleanup - as was flooded earlier. Less care is taken in actual composing. With these notice the shadow lower center due to lack of flash coverage. They were taken with either the pop-up or the SB600 and forgetting to lower the diffuser. As I recall, I either forgot the SB600, or the batteries were dead, forcing me to use the pop-up. Also notice the slant in the walls.

For "documentation" take reverse views. That bulb was the only available light source.

These next two, while similar framing to the reverse view above, are the identical file. The first one is original, no post processing other than downsized for this post. Here I did take care and try to work with perspective as compared to the previous to limit post processing. Also, different lighting. 2 SB600s off camera, both umbrella mounted, one at the top of stairs lighting down and the other to my left. Looking at those shaddows, umbrella probably was in bounce position and probably should have have softened with "shoot through" diffuse position.

Finally, the photo above with post processing as published in MLS. Notice straigtening the walls (perspective), improving tone, color, contrast and sharpening vs. the identical file above.

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