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AlbertZ May 28, 2012 12:34 PM

wide angle lens for use with S1 Pro
Hi I am Ambert from Mammoth Lakes ,Ca.
trying to find a good wide angle lens for the Fuji S1 pro,
Is the Nikkor 28mm a good lens for this caamera and will all the functions work or is the Sigma 10-20 mm EX DCHSM lens better.
I am a beginner and mainly take scenery photos.

JimC May 29, 2012 9:44 AM

Your S1 Pro lacks the electrical contacts needed to support Autofocus with lenses that have a built in focus motor (for example, it would not Autofocus with Nikon AF-S (Silent Wave Autofocus), or Sigma HSM (Hypersonic Motor Autofocus) lenses.

So, if you want Autofocus, you'll need to stick with "screw drive" Autofocus lenses (for example, Nikon lenses with AF instead of AF-S, and Sigma lenses without HSM in their model description).

That rules out some of the newer lenses around (as a lot of new lenses are using Hypersonic type focus motors (as you get with Nikkor AF-S and Sigma HSM lenses).

Notice how you'll see some Nikkor lenses with AF, and some with AF-S in this list? You'll want to avoid the lenses with AF-S for use with your Fuji. Otherwise, you won't have Autofocus. The lenses with AF versus AF-S would Autofocus with your S1 Pro.

With Sigma lenses, you'll want to avoid the models with HSM (again, you would not have Autofocus using them on your S1 Pro). Note where you'll see HSM listed for many lenses now. Those will *not* Autofocus on your S1 Pro:

With Tokina lenses, you'll want to avoid the lens models that say "Built In Focus Motor". Those will not Autofocus on your S1 Pro.

With Tamron lenses, you'll want to avoid the lens models that have USD or PZD in their description, as those will not Autofocus on your S1 Pro.

Basically, *none* of the lenses shown on this page would Autofocus on your S1 Pro:

Now, you'll sometimes find that manufacturers have more than one version of a lens. IOW, you may be able to find an older version of a given Autofocus lens moel without a built in motor that works on your S1 Pro. So, make sure to check the model and lens description carefully.

Basically, you've got the opposite problem you run into with some newer Nikon cameras. IOW, some of the newer Nikon models require that a lens has a built in focus motor for Autofocus (because their camera bodies do not have a built in motor). But, your Fuji does have a built in motor and it will *not* work with lenses that have motors built into the lens instead (because it lacks the electrical contacts to support those newer lens types).

I'll move this thread down to our Nikon Lenses forum for you so some of our members more familiar with Nikon wide angle lenses may see it and respond.

BTW, Welcome to Steve's

JimC May 29, 2012 10:17 AM

What lenses do you have now?

One other concern to keep in mind is that if you decide to upgrade to a newer camera body later, none of the newer entry level Nikon bodies will work with lenses that do not have a focus motor built in.

In other words, if you buy a lens that will Autofocus on your S1 Pro, you could not use it if you wanted Autofocus and upgraded to one of the less expensive Nikon dSLR models later (for example, a D3100 or D3200, D5100 or D5200) because the lower priced Nikon models like those will not Autofocus with a lens that does not have a built in motor.

You have to move up to a higher end Nikon body like the D7000 in the current lineup to get a body that would Autofocus with lenses that do not have a built in motor (the type you have to use in order to get Autofocus with your older S1 Pro).

So, you may want to consider just upgrading to one of the entry level Nikon models, getting a kit with something like an 18-55mm lens included.

With both your Fuji S1 Pro and all of the entry level Nikon models, you need to multiply the focal length of the lens by 1.5x to get an idea of how the angle of view compares to a 35mm camera. That's because the sensors used in your S1 Pro and most entry level dSLR bodies are APS-C size (smaller than 35mm film), and you'll have a narrower angle of view with a given focal length lens.

For example, an 18-55mm lens would give you the same angle of view as a 27-83mm lens on a 35mm camera. That's one reason most of the kit lenses start out at around 18mm now.

But, any lenses that would Autofocus on your S1 Pro (lenses without a built in motor) are not going to Autofocus on the entry level Nikon bodies (because the newer entry level bodies require a lens with a built in motor), hence why I'm asking what lenses you have now to get a better idea of what you'd need to replace if you upgraded to an entry level dSLR body.

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