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Default Wide-to-Normal Zoom for D7000

Hi guys, I usually post in the Pentax and micro four-thirds sections but my brother just bought himself a Nikon D7000 body. He has extensive experience in film SLR photography (and he's quite good) but his digital experience up to now has been with the better point-and-shoots.

So the D7000 is his first DSLR.... but he has a lot of great Nikon legacy glass to use with it. However, as of now, his widest focal length is 28mm and he's looking for a good, fast zoom that starts at 16mm (perhaps he could fudge to 17mm). Specifically, he wants an f/2.8 fixed-aperture zoom.

Now, he's fully aware of what's on the market and, as I said, he's no neophyte. What I'm looking for, on his behalf, is some real-world feedback on what works best and what represents the best value proposition. Any feedback you can provide will be helpful and appreciated.
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Nikon's 16-35mm f/4 is excellent, if he can give up a stop, and it's stabilized.

Nikon's 17-55mm f/2.8 is quite good, as is Tamron's 17-50mm f/2.8, though neither are stabilized. And Tamron's stabilized version isn't as good. Sigma's 17-50mm f/2.8 HSM OS might be worth a look
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The AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II is an excellent walk around lens that delivers a bit wider than the run of the mill 18mm lenses.
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Default Provided he gets a good copy

A good copy of either the Tamron or Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 would be a good choice. Sigma makes only the OS version now. Tamron makes one with VC and without. Not firsthand knowledge but the Tamron VC is not as sharp as the non VC. I have the Tamron 17-50mm non-motor version and like it very much.
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If money is not an object, the Nikon 17-55 is hard to beat. I recently upgraded to the Tamron 17-50 (non VC but newer model with the internal motor) to use on my D90. Excellent lens with nice balance to the camera body. Reviews will whine about the focusing motor noise which to me is a non-issue. It is not loud at all but some reviewers seem to feel they have to have something negative to say. If they want loud, go listen to the motor drive of 35mm film advance and this is whisper quiet by comparison.
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