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bedde wrote:
According to the site the two Nikors are type K (New Nikkors, Late pre-Ai lenses (1974)) lenses. Does this mean they can be safely used on the D50 body??
No, it means you can damage your camera if you try to mount them unless they're converted to AI. ;-)

Look at the photos in some of the links posted. You'll see lots of clues of how to tell if lenses are AI or not (holes in rabbit ears or not, etc.). If they are not AI, you don't want to try mounting them. AI lenses were not even introduced until 1977.

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Hello all,

Let me start by wishing you all the best in this new year.

It has been a while since my last post.
I have some great news about the manual lenses; they all work on my D50.
Thank you all for the provided information.

After reading the articles a number of times, carefull inspections of the body, the kit lens and manual lenses and numerous times of hesitations, I finally decided to carefully mount one of the manual lenses (the 50mm). I couldn't see anything that could damage the body or contacts except for the "lever" at the back of the manual lens. This "lever" was not different from the kit lens, so I thought it would be safe to mount. The mounting was a little stiff, but I didn't force it. After the manual lens had been mounted I looked if I could turn the Aperture ring both ways. This also seemed to be stiff, so I took it out and examined it. Turned out that this ring was stiff unmounted also.
I then mounted the 55mm micro NIKOR and checked to see if the Aperture ring on this lens was also stiff when mounted. Turned out to be working perfectly.

Then came the next step, where I was praying not to have something go wrong; turning on the camera. Once turned on I saw nothing that indicated a failure of any kind. Oh yeah, before turning on the camera I turned the bodyswitch to M and the dial to M.

Then came the next step: taking shots.
I must say that for a newbie and coming from a P&S world, it was a puzzle. I had to play with the Aperture and Shutterspeed setting to get a well exposed picture.
I guess that when you guys say that the camera won't meter, you also mean that you can't do any EV compensation. I have noticed that a lot of options in the menu are disabled also when using manual lenses.

I have included a picture taken with the NIKOR Micro 55mm.
It is from one of those dolls you get when buying a Happy Meal at McDonalds; I believe it's called "Sharkboy". :G

C&C are welcome and feel free to enhance this image to give me an idea of what it should look like optimized after PP.

I have yet to post pictures of these lenses, so others who also own or think of buying manual lenses could benefit from this thread. I hope to post the pics coming week, because of a sudden busy workschedule.

Again thanks for all your support and the provided information.

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