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Thanks for your help JimC.

As I said. I never thought filters would have that much of an affect on the image. I mean you hear about professionals using Singh-Ray filters. You see their results.

It looks like it depends more on the type of lens used with said filter (e.g. Nikon 70-300 and Tiffen 812 warming filter). As using this same filter on my 50 didn't affect the image at all. Or none that I saw.

I guess I'll keep filters off my 70-300 for now. Or any of my lenses. Though as I said I didn't see any affect on the color balance with the 50mm/Tiffen 812 warming filter.

What do you think of using this "protector filter" on my 70-300 http://www.hoyafilter.com/products/hoya/pro1d-02.html? It's supposed to not affect the color balance or performance at all. As it's just a clear piece of glass.

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I wouldn't put it on one of my lenses, *especially* if it's only a clear piece of glass. ;-)

Clear can mean uncoated (and I don't see anything about coatings on that page), and if you don't have a very good multi-coated filter, you can usually expect issues from light reflecting from the filter reducing transmission qualities, light reflecting in between the filter and the front element of the lens causing flare related issues, etc.

Personally, I do not use protective filters, period. I keep a hood on a lens to help shield it from light and help protect the front from damage. That's it.

Now, if I were using a lens in a sand storm or something, I might consider using a protective filter. Otherwise, not me (I'm not going to use one, especially with digital).
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Ok JimC.

Today, I've been noticing more the effects of filters and how they can affect the color balance adversely.

Just looked over my test photos using my 85mm prime and Hoya UV. Just noticed a faint blue tint. Some more obvious than others. Here are two examples. Will take some photos tomorrow without the filter on.

On the 2nd photo the blue is more obvious where his shoulder butts up against the bed. And the blue towel was in front of him. It's as if the UV filter is reacting to the blue.
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Something that has not been mention, the coatings can have an effect on the shots as well, not just the glass. Even the most expensive filters like B+W and Tiffen HT with their multi coatings can effect the photo.
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