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maw Aug 16, 2004 2:47 PM

I've decided on the D70 camera (and the 800 flash)and would like some suggestions on what lenses would be good with this camera. I like to shoot wildlife (birds, dear, bears, etc.), closeups of insects and flowers, sporting events (motorsports)as well as the usual family stuff. I don't have an "unlimited" budget but am willing to "save my lunch money" to get a set of good lenses.

Also, is the lens that comes with D70 package worth the extra $ andare the Vibration Reduction lens worth the extra $.

Thanks in advance

Onyx Aug 17, 2004 4:30 AM

18-70DX lens is a good start. It's excellent optically, however build quality leaves a little to be desired (plastic fantastic). But for the price of it packaged with the D70, it great value and shouldn't be passed up.

VR lenses can be fantastic depending on the context of use, but I view them as training wheels for proper handholding technique and a (poor) substitute for a tripod. YMMV. The 24-120VR is a popular alternative to the kit lens, however it's a comparatively slower lens, it's f/5.6 at 50mm or so (18-70 is 2/3 stops faster), so even thought the VR technology will help in low light handheld shooting, it's max aperture limits AF performance somewhat. Keep in mind that while VR will largely eliminate blurred images due to camera shake, it will NOT correct blurr due to subject movement with the inherent slower shutter speeds. The price premium of ~$US150-200 above the 18-70DX for the 24-120VRmight be worth it for the longer reach and VR technology if these factors are important to you.

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