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Default Nikon Coolpix 5700 or Minolta Dimage 7Hi???

I want to buy a new camera but can't decide between the Nikon Coolpix5700 or the Minolta Dimage 7Hi. Any advice on either camera would be GREAT! I have been using a HP 715 Photosmart 3.2mp for over a year and feel like I'm ready to upgrade. I have heard that the Nikon can't accept filters and such but have seen them advertised on Ebay. Also, the rechargable Nikon battery is a concern since I have invested in several sets of NiMh batteries. Thanks for any help you may have!
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you'll also like the manual zoom on the 7Hi just like an SLR

the 7Hi does like batteries . it is not the most energy efficient.

filterwise you will need to go up above the original size due to vignetting at the nice 28mm wide angle. i have adapted my filters down from my SLRs via stepdown rings. a small price to pay. much better then the adapter o ring 3rd party setup

the Hi mode allows some excellent HS shots.

the AF is faster then the nikon

manual focus mode is easier to use. ring just like an SLR

it has a true wide angle lens equivelent to a 28mm. that is a relative merit as some like it longer then wider.

the image does have a higher noise level easily removed with Neat Image.

i have one and won't give it up. even with the other one i have
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I own the Nikon 5700 for 8 months and love it. You have to buy an adapter from a third party source for $25.00. they are located in Canada. The adapter attaches by an o-ring to the lens. You can then put any filter you like. This camera is great using manually, or you can use it as a point and shoot. I rarely use the automatic mode because I find that it takes better pictures in the manual to semi-manual mode. It takes great natural color photos and the noise reduction works well. It is not a camera for indoor sports activities because of the low light problems but outdoors you will not have any problems. I do wish it had a manual ring. I've shot portraits with this camera that rival photographic studio photos.

Nikon 5700
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Default 7 Hi vs 5700

I am also bouncing between the two. We will be using the camera for family shots, inside / outside, sport and vacations.

It seems that the 5700 does not compare favorably with the 7Hi when is comes to shooting in poor light but it is has a smaller frame and is lighter therefore easier to carry around.

My brother has a 7i, which he is very happy with, and I heard from a Nikon dealer (not sure if it's true) that the Toronto police force, after extensive research, just authorized the purchase of 7Hi's.

I don't know why but my gut (probably from reading all the reviews*) keeps pulling me back to the 5700, but on the other hand I think the H7i would be the better buy even at the CDN $250.00 premium.

* Steve's ‘highly recommend’ the 5700.

Maybe the 5400 with a 2x telephoto is the way to go.
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I to was torn between the Nikon 5700 and the Minolta 7Hi. In the end I went with the 5700 because the Nikon add-on lenses gave me a larger focal length range. In addition the cost of the Minolta with a decent Minolta flash was out of my budget wheras the Nikon with a Vivitar 285HV was more affordable.

I solved the low light focus problem with a laser pointer.
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