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Default note for CP card

It may because diffferent camera use different format of picture.
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Default Nice Dilema, eh?

8) I was in the same boat, but couldn't wait for the 5400 or G5 to come to market, so I ordered the V1. I considered the Oly5050, but I wanted a 4X optical. I may still buy the G5 when it comes out.

In a 5MP, small, full featured, digicam I don't how you could go wrong with the 5400 or the G5. However, after 35 years of Nikons (24 bodies and lord knows how many lenses), I will :evil: NEVER :twisted: buy another Nikon, and I will probably sell the 5700 I have out of spite. :evil:

IMHO Nikon and Canon are my top picks, however, unless you like the Oly E-20 (which I loved). The problem is, in spite of my long-time loyalty to Nikon, I am having to fight tooth-and-nail to get a simple $75 rebate out of them for a lens. I don't care about the $75, but I fully intend to sue for fraud if I don't eventually get it.

I have heard quite a few other stories of pro photogaphers being much better treated by Canon these days than by Nikon. Of course, that probably wouldn't matter to a casual amateur buyer, but it does make one wonder what in the world is happening at Nikon, now judged by many pros as second place to Canon after all those years of top ranking (in film SLR's at least). :?

I am no authority, and others prefer other brands for various reasons, and I have no quarrel with any of them. In digi's, I have had an E-20, C-4040, C-50, D-60, CP5700, and I loved every one of them for their intended capabilities. I am sure I will like the V1 as well, and the G5 when I eventually spring for it.
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I have just bought a 5400 from Dell (arrives soon) but now I am concerned. I snt bigger better? I thought 1/1.8 meant it had a bigger CCD??
Someone has said that the 5400 uses smaller 1/1.8 (7.18 x 5.32 mm) CCD. The older Coolpix 5000 uses a larger 2/3 (8.80 x 6.60 mm) CCD!! The 5000 & 5700 use a larger CCD and support ISO800, so is the 5400 going to be an improvement or a move backwards?
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Default CCD?, That is not a problem

Technology has been improved since CP5000. and
Canon G5 has the same size CCD as CP5400!

My concerns are the low light focus and shutter speed which
are the nightmare on 5000 :twisted: .

And I read CP5400 shutter speed AVG 1 sec. Not sure who test that :?: .
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