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I won this camera in a poker game some years ago. It is basically as new with lens covers, everything.

Is there anyone who can tell me the value of this camera or where to go to get an estimate for sale ?


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Depending on condition and options (with or without motor wind, black or chrome), the body is probably worth in the neighborhood of around $200. If it's like new and everything works fine (no leaks around seals, shutter curtain in great shape, metering works, etc.), you may get more.

As for the lens, my guess would be around $50.00. You'd need to give more details on it to help out (available apertures, with or without caps and hood, etc.). The SP series are Tamron's best. But, 35-80mm Manual Focus Zooms are not going to bring a lot, unless they're top of the line and have f/2.8 available throughout the focal range.

The best vendor of used gear around is http://www.keh.com (they buy and sell). So, you may want to check out their site. They have multiple Nikon FAs listed there now.

But, Ebay is probably your best bet for selling one (a vendor is going to need to make a profit when they buy and sell used gear, so you're not going to get as much selling it to a vendor).

As a general rule, I remove posts when members mention that they have gear for sale, since we do not allow for sale posts here. I'll make an exception since it's old film gear, this time, since you're only asking about it's value. But, do not attempt to solicit offers for this gear in our forums. Thanks.

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