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Default Coolpix 950, still running strong?

This camera is 4 years old, is it still one of the best 2 mp cameras out there. Can it compete with some of the newer 3 mp cameras? Will it be an improvement over my A40? I ask these questions becuase I just bought a used one off of ebay
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Default CP950

I also bought one off ebay about six months ago and use it for photos for a local county newspaper. I've had good luck with it but there are shortcomings: long time to write picture to CF card, slow shutter, difficulty in seeing LCD in bright sun, for starters...
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Default I just got a NIKON 950 also ( from eBay)..wow...familiar

Hello...I also got myself a NIKON 950..and I have had many other digital cameras also....in the NIKON line..

The main reason Ibought the NIKON for MACROS.!! Straight out ; factory lens ; not any fclose-up filters needed ; lens ; etc.

I believe that (MACRO shots are a part of the " interesting" photgraphic world we live in)....

If you are an avid seller of items on eBay ; and let's say the item is " used " with some ( flaws or ( imperfections)). The NIKON 950's MACRO ( close-up) ability to " show the flaws " is unbeatable in my opinion. (But I Still ( am learning to use the NIKON to it's fuller potential.))

I was sitting at my computer ; the other night as I am now..writing this post reply. Being summer weather here..extremely hot ( 80-90F) ( :shock: when it isn't raining) hehe..and at night the insect worlds flourish...mixing with us humans.

I had a moth and a dragonfly (?) I'm no insect guru so...maybe wrong..( but at extremely nightime hours ( and DARK outside ; if it was a dragonfly ; must have been trapped inside the home.

At any rate...I said ok " let's see the MACRO (symbol) Flower is on ok..then (humm) lets move in on this " creature "..I focused and " found this " so called " Yellow flower " (absolute "sweet spot") ; took the pic.."..

I wished though as I am learning also ; that I was able to increased the depth of field more.(Was easy in 35mm film camera( and preview was sweet!)

I have never posted any pics here so..if I can figure out how to I will..get it a try now...Here I go..(hope it works.)

I need to reboot..( geezzz technical difficulties ( almost)) beyond my control..( haha) UNLESS I act now and fast...Be back shortly...

Thanks for the posts and I shall return.. Ed~
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Yeah, the macros are the main reason I bought the 950 as well. The macros on my A40 were nothing to be proud of and I wanted to change that. I can't wait fir it to get here.
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Default Unable to post the dragonfly...Macro's to be taken again!!

Hi..I was going to post the macros I took ; as mentioned above. ( But I had these pics on a second ( smaller) hard drive in my computer. I needed to reboot and ( BANG the entire drive was totally un-accessible)..Running NTFS system ( tries as many programs I could think of to fix it (wouldn't.)

I hadn't quite yet ; " burned " my pics to cdrom...ARRGGHH ..So ( that's yet another new " learning " experience to be had..(I burn them ; just hadn't done those yet...Bummer

So ; Hey dylan_d ; when you receive your 950 and start getting a few ( close-up -macros) ; we would like to see them I am sure.

So ; when you expecting yours to come to you.. (just curious) any day now..??

There's other reasones as well for the 950 ...the color ; balances and etc..I'm still " learning " the more and more things it ( can do and some it really isn't quite able to do.)

Has anyone ; used their 950 for fireworks displays.?? (The 4th of July is almosy here...so....) would like to hear...on that subject.

One more thing..(This is not dig-cam related ( but it is camera - camcorder related and I can't find anything on the net about this...Maybe someone here could help..TIA...

Ok..I have a " RICOH R-105 " Video Camcorder " I bought ( used ) off eBay as well...I can not ( while waiting for it's delivery ; ( find anything about this on the net (only the batteries to buy for it..) It is coming wioth 3- good working batteries..

I am looking for a download of it's user manual...; reviews ( especially) and any other info...Any leads..??

Take care and Happy Macro shooting....(oh ( try to not let the bug ( Subject) :shock: ; crawl onto the lens ...hahaha Ed~
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