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I have a NIKON Cool PIX S4 and have had it for about a year. My moniter shows black like my cover is still on. Can anyone suggest some troubleshooting tips. I called NIKON and they want me to send to them but before I do that just wanted to put some feelers out there for some assistance. I have changed the battery like they suggested but no go. I can look at the pic I jave already taken with my memory card but can't see to take anymore...No memery card is not full.

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Does your camera have a "reset" feature in the menu? This will put the camera back to using the factory default settings and can correct some user-setting mistakes.

Unfortuneately, it sounds like there may be something wrong with the camera -- anything from a dead sensor to a malfunction in the circuit path from the sensor to the LCD and the memory card.

Can you take a picture and have it show up on the memory card when you play it back? If you can, then at least the sensor itself is probably okay and the trouble in in the path from the sensor to the LCD. Nikon might appreciate information like that as it can help them diagnose the problem faster.

Good luck, coop!

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I am having the same problem with my S4. What was wrong with yours. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Funny, I have the same problem. I have a coolpix995. My monitor shows nothing. When I press the button to take an image, the camera seems to be going through the motions of taking an image--eventhough it takes a while to complete the process. When I open the image, it is completely black.

I contacted Nikon and was told to rest the options. I completed the process, but resetting the options did not change the problem. It may just be time for me to repalce my camera--I've ONLY had it for about 7.5 years! Guess it's time to get more recent technology. It is quite a bomber becase I really like my camera.
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