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I have had a 5700 since new, purchased about 2 years ago - my problem is that i am now unable to change picture size or use macro by pushing the macro button. always used to work fine. I have tried everything i can think of. Please help.
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Sounds like you have two dead buttons. It may be a common wire inside that got disconnected. You may have to get Nikon to have a look at it.
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Bob might be right about a trip to your friendly neighborhood Nikon service facility.

I suppose you've tried the Reset All function...

It might be worth pulling the battery for four days or so, and then reinstalling. That will run down the little clock battery inside the camera. This battery may be responsible for holding other types of volitile memory. If something got corrupted in a chip, running this battery out might clear the problem. Notice the liberal use of "weasel words" like "might" and "maybe." It's worth a shot.

I'm betting that any estimate you get back for fixing it would go a long way toward buying a new, more powerful camera.

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Have you tried a RESET ALL? Page two of menu options. It is likely that you have memorized some settings in the current mode and this could be the problem. Press and hold the Mode button and rotate the top dial until you see a Camera icon in the upper left of the LCD and then see if the Macro and Size buttons function in this mode. If this doesn't work then try as suggested and remove the main battery for a couple of days and then do a RESET ALL and try it again. If the problem persists it will require servicing.
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Thank you for posting this. I think that the Nikon staff may have disconnected some wires last time they serviced my camera. I'm gonna' get on them for this (got that 180 day service warranty after all).
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