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Default negatives to digital images

Is there way to convert my 35mm negatives into digital images without buying those pricey accessories?
- Raj
Nikon CoolPix 4300
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Depends on what you consider a "pricey accessories".

You need some way of turning the analog picture into digital bits. The usual way is with a scanner. Some (but not all) have built in or come with a slide film reader. I don't know if scanners come with what you'd need to scan a negative. I'd start there.

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Default Alternatives to filmscanners

If you get a close-up attachment for your digicam that will go down to 1:1 or near to it, you could imitate the slide-copying attachments that many of us have owned for use with our film SLRs. I own a 'Soligor' copier with its own T-mount lens & adaptors.

You could lash something up as a neg holder with bits of cardboard tubing. You might have to mount the neg in a 2x2 slide mount.

You'd illuminate the negative from the back with available light or flash & a diffuser, and rephotograph it, using bracketed exposures, and experimenting with camera settings.

You'd then need the software that comes with filmscanners to convert the colour negative to a positive image. I recommend Ed Hamrick's 'Vuescan', which is fully-featured shareware, and beats anything that comes with scanners.


Several years ago, a professional friend of mine rephotographed large format transparencies using a very early generation Sony diigicam, with good results.

Good Luck![/url]
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If you need only several slides (e.g., less than three), you may ask local commercial camera stores. For example a slide would cost 5-7 dollars. One local store wants to charge 36 dollars for one or 36 slides. (He will charges minimum of $36 for one to 36 slides.) If so, please call another large camera store.
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I would think the easiest and most cost effective way would be to have a local photo lab scan your negatives and put them on a cd-rom. You can have this done at most any 1-hour lab (I use Wal-Mart) for less than buying a quality film scanner.....of couse that's depending on how much film you use. Another plus, besides possible cost savings, is not dealing with dust and scratch removal because the lab will (or at least should) take care of that for you. Not that using "Digital Ice" is hard, but hey, one less thing! :-) Just make sure to ask for the largest resolution possible per picture. That way you'll be able to print nice photos at home, or have a lab re-print right from the CD.

I hope this helps.

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hey raj -
you can get a slide copy adapter Nikon ES-E28 to use with your Coolpix 4300 -- copying negatives is as easy as slides / just use photoshop or whatever software program u have to change the negative to a positive. this is much cheaper and easier than a 35mm film scanner. the ES-E28 is about $70.
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