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Default Coolpix 4500 - Nice Camera!

Hey there!

First let me say Thank you to the site owner. One of the first research tools I used was the preview of the Coolpix 4500 by Steve, which got me intrigued.

I'm by no means close to being a professional and even enthusiast may be too strong a word.

Most of my picture taking is of family, travel, and the like and I have used the same 35mm for the past 8 years.

About 2-3 years ago I saw one of the first Coolpix cameras owned by a friend...the 990 I believe and was impressed with the swivel feature the most because it was so different.

The pics he took came out good and ever since that time I have been looking at buying a new digital, but have waited well over two years, checking out the new Canon and Nikon cameras mainly.

I almost cracked and bought the 995 this past Christmas because of the $100 rebate from Nikon, but I figured that meant a new model may be coming out and decided to wait.

That was the best move I made because although the 995 is a nice camera I really believe this 4500 improves things in many areas.

The first thought I had when I got it from Ritzcamera.com was....this thing is small. It looked small in the review on the site, but it is really small when you hold it and see it in person.

The next thought is how nice the full alloy body is. The camera feels sturdy and well built. There is a nice weight to the camera, but it is still really lightweight.

Without really reading the instructions and just from reading reviews you can navigate through the menus and settings with little problem. One part here that I was stuck on was I didn't know you had to be in review mode to access the main settings.

The few pictures I have snapped are very, very sharp and that is with just the autofocus without worrying about the 16 automatic scene modes or manual operation.

One thing that really impressed me was taking a picture of a document and zooming in on the camera and reading the words. I also took a picture of a building outside and was able to zoom in on windows and see details like reflections. It was quite impressive.

The drive mechanism is fairly soft, quiet and smooth, although the autofocus is almost always adjusting in the default setting, so the camera seems to almost always make noise.

Another thing that impressed me was how many pictures you can actually put onto the small sized 16mb included CF card. It won't stop me from using a 256mb or higher card, but it was nice to see the compression and storage was ok on a the small included CF card.

The strap is a little awkward, but I understand the bind Nikon was in with the swivel. Besides, the strap gets in the way and most users probably just have the camera in it's own case. The lens cap and safety line are nice.

The LCD is fairly small, but sharp and you can still see it in direct sunlight, although it is faint.

Ergonomics, feel, design, controls, and style are just top notch. The way the flash is hidden and how it operates vs. the 995 is a very nice improvement.

I just wanted to register to say thank you for this website and the great preview on this website. The information, pictures, and reviews really helped in my decision and I really appreciate it!
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Glad we could help you find a good "fit" in digicams -- it is a very confusing market to be sure. The Coolpix 4500 at $699 is a very good deal considering what you get. It's hard to believe that it was only a couple of years ago that we were paying $999 for a 2-megapixel camera with a lot less features.

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Old Jul 18, 2002, 4:23 AM   #3
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Glad I waited also.
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Default Where's the info.txt???

First, the 4500 is a pretty nifty camera.

The only thing I find odd is the fact that a pixel went bad in the LCD on the 2nd day I owned it and also I can't seem to find the INFO.TXT file that I enabled. It's not with the pictures when I check the camera's CF card.


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I have been 'burning in,' my 4500 by leaving it on under a full charge and letting the battery run down, shooting pictures in rapid succession with the flash on, reviewing, checking and changing options, zooming in and out even if I don't want zoom, etc., in order to put this camera through a good deal of stress to see how it holds up.

So far it has held up well. In my experience many electronics, computers, and these sorts of devices will show a defect within a month under heavy use and in some cases, almost right away like you are describing.

If you have a burned out pixel at this stage I would consider an exchange if at all possible.

I also have the info.txt enabled and I can't see that file in the download folder in the Nikon software, which is where it is supposed to be, so I am not sure if I am also making a mistake or if there is something going on with this feature.

I wonder if the file is supposed to be created by scanning the header on jpegs and just compliling the information into a text file?

Either way, you are not alone with this problem. Maybe someone else has got it to work and will pop in to tell us what went wrong.

I'll also post if I find out something new. Good luck with the burned out pixel.
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Default Disappointed with 4500

Based on Steve's review and numerous post, I just purchased a 4500. One improvement I was hoping for was to move the "User Setting" to the top of the shooting menu list, as with the 5000 and 5700. Instead it is buried inthe middle of the second screen, as did the 950.

To me, this is a major step backward. What was Nikon thinking? Is there a work around? Any way to protest and be heard?
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I'm not trying to be a smart ass, but if that is the most major complaint you have with the 4500, it is fairly weak.

If you are using user settings that means you are in mostly manual mode for most settings and you'll need to menu scroll or adjust settings via controls on the camera itself.

I would also think your three defined settings would be very different and not slight variations of settings for the same shooting condition, so how often do you change user modes?

I find I only use the default user 1 and adjust from there because the shooting situation changes so much that if I am in manual mode I have to re-adjust white balance, shutter speed, aperature, etc., whenever lighting or the background changes.

Sorry if you feel the Coolpix 4500 is a disappointment because of that one menu option location. At least if Nikon really feels you are right this is something a firmware update could change, but I am happy the way it is.
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Ditto to the last post.
Andy B
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