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Default Coolpix 5000 - Strange Pixels with low shutter speeds


I have a coolpix 5000 and noticed that when taking pics with low shutter speeds some bright pixels appear always in the same place. I have tried with various resolutions and they always appear.
But in pics with higher shutter speeds they never appear ?
What could this be ? a CCD problem ?
If I turn on the noise reduction they will immediatly disappear but then the time to save a picture is greatly increased.
I have seen a sample pic at a review site that had the same strange pixels.
Anyone experiencing the same problem ?
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What you are experiencing is what most digital camera users encounter sooner or later, hot or dead pixels. Bright spots in the same position are known as "hot pixels". These are pixels in the CCD that turn on even though they have no light hitting them. This is due to the leakage rate of the individual pixel, some have higher leakage rates then other pixels so they "turn on" prematurely (even though very little light is striking them.) They usually show up on photos with low light levels because of the high contrast between dark and hot pixels. You can use photoshop or most any other photo program to hide them. It is sometimes possible to send the camera back to the manufacturer and have them "mapped out". Dead pixels are just the opposite, they never light up and show up as a dark spot in a normally lit area of the photograph. Limiting the exposure time of the CCD can help with hot pixels, Turning on noise reduction will also help eliminate hot pixels.

Read this for more info: http://www.mediachance.com/digicam/hotpixels.htm

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