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I too had my CCD repaired via Nikon recall. Took about a month. Service always said waiting on parts, then it shows up one day blindly. PS Nikon ships and does not require a signature. They just leave it on the front porch, easy for someone to steal it.

For my problem, I have always had battery life problems with this camera. it has been back to Nikon on 4 different occasions with various problems. After I got it back last week, I am at a car show and I run thru three fully charged batteries in about 1 1/2 hrs. One of the batteries is brand new, the one an off brand and one a Duracell. All three indicated fully charged by the charger.

Has anyone had this problem before? It really leaves a bad taste in my mouth for Nikon.

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Tim, how many shots go into that 90 minute period? How much flash use?

I mostly shoot landscapes with my 5700, so I'm not shooting the same volume of pix that you might be at a car show -- and, I don't have another camera that uses similar batteries to compare my battery life with.

But, your power consumption does seem a bit extreme considering the battery life estimates that Nikon gives for this camera:

"Approximately 90 minutes (as measured at room temperature [20 degrees C/68 degrees F] under standard Nikon test conditions: monitor on, zoom adjusted with each shot, flash used in approximately one third of photographs, FULL, image quality set to NORMAL)."

You might want to try the optional MB-E5700 battery pack. It snaps onto the bottom of the camera and lets you use AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. It's supposed to give you about twice the shooting time of a single EN-EL 1. I've seen these on eBay for around $40.00 or $50.00. The Mb-E5700 also has it's own shutter release button to make it easier shooting vertically.

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Was shooting outside so no flashes, I think there is something inherently wrong that drains the bateries, I took 45 pics andwent thru 3 ENEL1 batteries, maybe 3-4 flash shots,ALso I only have a 512 MB card so it should not be hordingjuice either.
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Hi Guys

Battery life on the 8700 is very poor too. The Nikons leak power. I now pop out the battery between shorts. This way it lasts a few days. I have managed to shoot 100 or so shots (8MB) with and without flash on one battery.

Try it and let me know how you get on. I would be interested to see if this in fact a problem with the Nikon.



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