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and this is the shot that got me the 3rd place prize

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Hi Ozematt & Co.,

I so glad I found your "review". Any other forum I looked up was full of disapointments with the Nikon P5000, all would recommend Fuji F31 or similar. I have spent some time trying to find a (price) proper camera for underwater use and ended up with the P5000 choice along with Ikelite 6182.50 housing, delux strobe, double handle andW-20 wide angle lens. The package costs 2000 Euro in Europe. The fantasea does not have a dealer where I come from, I wonder if you have suggested it only for the price difference?

SinceI would have the P5000 for underwater I am concerned about a a letsgodigital reviewthat says"in low light conditions the autofocus is disappointing." Also, others mention the camera to be too slow and has problems with the LCD (red stike of light). What are your experiences?

Did you try any other camera in this range and if so, what would you buy? I just might purchase based on your recommendation.

Congradulations for the 3rd place, all of the photos you have shared with us are wow. Good for you to get a free D40 andesspecially theSipidan trip that I dream of, but will have to skip for financial reasons.

looking forward to your reply :?

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Hi Luke

thanks for your kind words :-).i understand some of your concerns re the p5000, sometimes i think the many camera reviews can confuse more than educate , in the end i went to my local camera shop and played for 1/2 an hour .

all i can say is that for me i like the camera .i actually just printed up some of my shots from my dive holiday and im very happy with the image quality. with the underwater shots the blues are reproduced nicely . colors seem rich and full . focus is sharp.

i also went through a long and tedious process of selecting a camera:roll: :?. and finally settled with the p5000

fantasea vs ike housings mmmm well for me the ike having hotshoe to fire the strobe was a big seller , ike also has 67mm thread on the outer port , this allows the attachment of Inon wide lense with dome attachment also the inon 165 67mm macro lenses which can be stacked 1,2 or even 3 for super macro shots (a must if you like small critters) .

i would highly recomend inon lenses they are sharp and if you get the inon wide angle lense you can add the dome port attachment to the front of the lense at a later date vvv good ! i would also highly recomend inon strobes , they are compact reliable run on AA batts and have a inbuilt modeling light which is important for good sharp focus in low light and correct strobe positioning. im using the inon z240 and a inon D180 (old model) which can fire by hotshoe. ikelites 67mm thread is good also because it is wide and has NO vingetting , some other housings have this and you have to zoom in to avoid seeing the sides of your ad on lense

the fantasea housing is more compact ,

both housings have a threaded front port which can be tricky to attach lenses underwater to , i just attach the lense on land and stick with it for the dive .

i strongly recomend using Ultralight strobe arms not ikelite strobe arms , ultralight arms have a o ring in a recess which make them work better. (do a "wetpixel" search)

re low light focus . on wide angle shots the p5000 focused sharp and resonably quick , for macro i alyaws use a focus light which is on my strobe (Inon) focus is sharp and time is ok , when im shooting super macro 2 or 3 Inon stacked lenses focus time is a bit slower but when it focuses it is sharp , i have not mised getting underwater shots because of focus speed.

i purchaced All my camera gear online and out of my country(Australia) i got my housing from reefphoto in USA ...... my Inon , Ultralight stuff from yuzo at uwdigitalcamera.com i have got a LOT of stuff through him and he is helpfull, quick to post , and cheap. do a search on wetpixel forums and see some of the feedback from other underwater photographers

i would also consider the new sea&sea DX-1g it will be out very soon , it is a housed ricoh camera which offers full manual controll , ricoh usually has a sharp wide lense with great macro peformance .

also the canon G7 in ike or canon housing

it took me a while to get the hang of my new underwater rig but now im happy with it ,

i think getting the best suited ad on lenses and strobes is very important.

this was a very long winded reply but i hope it answers your questions , please post and let us know how you went , and i would love to see your underwater shots when you finally buy.:|


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