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Pretty disappointed in the camera I got from newegg a couple weeks ago. It replaced my 7 year oldOlympus 3000. The Nikon probably focuses faster, but it's still way too slow for shots of my (now older) kids (they are now almost 6 and 9 years old).

Lots of weird things - the filestamp keeps going back to 1, can't find and any information in the manual on this problem. I assume it happens when I remove the battery to recharge it. I can't recall if my Olympus had a seperate coin battery to remember the file count, but this never happeend.

The lens is very slow. It is cloudy today, but come on, I should be able to zoom outside and take a piocture with faster than 1/8s shutter! too many pixels (therefore a slow default of ISO 64) and the very slow F5.3 lens is why. The Olympus was F2.8 at all focal lengths. I can't imagine adding the teleconvertor - it would only work at noon on a sunny day!

Then there is the annoying whirrling noise from the VR spinning, even when turned off.

LCD is poor in light - in this day and age - hello Nikon are you out there? (or did Samsung design it?).

I use the time lapse a lot - takes full res pictures every 30seconds (that's the fastest rate). In this mode, you can't select exposure bracketing; etc - no big deal, but why not... Of course bracketing makes no sense for the time lapse movies, but these are full res pictures.

I'll keep the P5o00 for time lapse, but it seems like I'll need to get the F31fd (hopefulyl they will replace it with a 6MP SD modle) or a cumbersome DSLR.

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Funny you should mention P5000 and "woes" in the same sentence ... i hopped on tonight to see if i could get some enlightenment about a problem a customer of mine is having concerning the quality at VGA level (640x480), compared to their old Olympus camera at same setting (both set at normal also). They're in real estate and must use this setting for their website. I compared results by printing from both cameras at same settings, and there is definitely a difference ... with the P5000 there are swirls in carpet texture, and jagginess all over tiled rooves. Very interesting! I think i'll start a new post and see if i can some comments. Just FYI.
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